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You will be invited to accompany your Building Masters expert, independent Building Inspector on a tour of the building and property. He will carry out a detailed inspection of the home and put you clearly in the picture the whole way.

  • He will identify the faults and show you each one in person.
  • Describe it in simple terms and provide advice about the building fault’s relevance.
  • He will also identify the likely cost of repair and the actual urgency or otherwise of the issue. 
  • What are the current Structural, Pest or roofing issues.

Our independent Building Inspectors will also identify improvement opportunities and the renovation potential inherent in the building, as well as talking about design possibilities and costs in addition to an accurate discussion about the real cost of building repair and renovation.


Your Independent Building Inspectors aim is to arm you with information to strengthen your negotiating position and help you make an informed decision about the building and it’s suitability for you and your budget.

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for your help yesterday. If it wasn’t for you we would have been saddled with a lemon. We have exercised our right to withdraw in the cooling off period and barring any other tricks we have hopefully managed to save thousands of dollars. We feel like we’ve learned a bunch and will most definitely be using your services again in the future (and telling all our friends!).

Thank you very much,


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