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When considering the purchase of a commercial or residential property in Melbourne or the surrounding areas, it is important to conduct thorough and comprehensive building and pest inspection to ensure the security and stability of the structure, as well as the hygiene. Building Masters delivers an extensive range of building and pest inspection services across Melbourne and the surrounding areas, providing you with expert reports and observations.

For years, Building Masters have completed building and pest inspections across Melbourne, priding themselves on providing customers with an efficient service ensuring a first class experience from start to finish. This is how Building Masters are known for being Melbourne’s best building and pest inspections. All our building inspectors are registered building masters ensuring you receive on-the-spot feedback, face to face with an experienced and knowledgeable professional builder.

Throughout the years the team has continuously improved the service process to ensure you do not deal with any of the stress involved. We believe this is one of the most significant purchases you will make, and we want to make it exciting and a joyful period to look back upon. Building Masters Inspections mission is to give you piece of mind during the purchasing process. No jargon, no confusing pre-printed reports with ticks and crosses – just clear and accurate information and plain language directly between you and a senior building expert.

Building Masters Inspections are known for their Industry leading reports and we always receive compliments on their easy to read layout, and their informative context. All reports are digital meaning you will not be left trying to make out someone’s hand writing or bad spelling. Our comprehensive written building inspection reports detail our findings, observations, opinions and insight into areas for future development, and are a vital reference to take into account prior to committing to purchasing the property. We also include photo’s ensuring easy comprehension, while also allowing for easier explanation to any third party agents you may be dealing with.

We strongly recommend you to attend the building and pest inspection however if you are unable the inspector will provide you with a thorough post inspection brief comprising of a phone call, digital report and also answer any follow up questions you may have. Before you commit to buying a property, conduct a building and pest inspection with Building Masters to determine the security and safety of the building’s structure and foundation, to ensure you’re buying a safe and livable property, and also free of pests such as termites, rodents and other bugs which will be a detriment to your property.

building and pest inspections melbourne

Expert pest and termite inspections Melbourne wide

A pest infestation present or past can cause considerable damage to a building. When we complete a building and pest inspection at your Melbourne property, our building inspector will examine the areas of the home that could be affected. Building Masters will let you know if the building has been damaged by termites, insects, vermin, or any other pests.

  • Is there evidence of white ants or termites in the garden area, building footings, sub-floor, frame or roof structure?
  • Has the damage been done but the pests have left the scene?
  • Is repair work required?
  • Is a pest control treatment recommended?

Building Masters Inspections strives to deliver the utmost in building and pest inspection services across Melbourne. Our qualified and experienced Melbourne pest inspectors work tirelessly to ensure the property in question is not harbouring any unwanted pests. It is an imperative aspect of pre-purchase that you conduct a thorough professional building and pest inspection, so that you know you’re buying a safe building.


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Building Masters use qualified and experienced building and pest inspectors to investigate the presence of pests such as termites in your building. With years of experience and professional expertise, our tradesmen know exactly where and what to look for when conducting your pest inspections. You can rely on the services delivered by Building Masters when it comes to building and pest inspections in Melbourne, so call today before you buy!

If you need a building and pest inspection conducted in Melbourne, call Building Masters today on 1300 780 931 for a quick response, or fill out our form to the right of the screen for a comprehensive building and pest report.

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