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Property Inspections

If you want to be sure that the property you’re looking at buying is stable, safe and free of pests and bugs, allow the professional property inspectors from Building Masters to inspect your Melbourne property. Ensuring at the pre-purchase stage that the property you’re interested in is valued at the right price is important in ascertaining you’re getting value for your money.

Get the most comprehensive independent property inspections in Melbourne from Building Masters

A full property inspection at your Melbourne property also ensures that the property you’re considering is secure and safe for you to buy. You wouldn’t want to buy a property that is overrun with pests or rodents or is unstable. Conduct a thorough inspection of the professional property inspectors at Building Masters for your peace of mind and safety.

Conducting routine and in-depth urban property inspections across Melbourne

When considering buying a property it is vital that you investigate you’re getting what you pay for. Conduct an independent property inspection with Building Masters and be certain your building is stable, free of pests and that the property, on the whole, is in fit condition for living, working or redevelopment.

Building Masters use only professional, qualified and experienced property inspectors so that Melbourne residents receive the highest standard property inspection reports. Comprehensive analysis of the property accompanied by professional opinion and advice makes Building Masters’ property inspections second to none when it comes to Melbourne property inspections.

For more information on Building Masters’ expert property inspection services or to speak to one of our qualified property inspectors, contact us today.


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Dear Mike & Trevor,

May I thank you both for your professional, comprehensive, and well priced service. My Wife and I were amazed at the level of service that we received and the time taken at the property to identify a range of defects and faults. We have decided to purchase the property, however we will use this list to work through and improve the home as we go.

I will certainly recommend you to others.

Kind regards

Mount Eliza