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Building Structural Inspections in Melbourne

Quality structural inspections to save you
time and money

structural building inspections

We answer the important structural inspection questions such as….

  • Has the building’s structure been built properly in the first place?
  • Has any recent cosmetic work been done to hide a serious structural building problem?
  • Has time or human intervention caused a serious deterioration to the structure of the building?
  • Is there an existing condition which might later deteriorate into a structural issue?
  • Is ‘rising damp’ evident or hidden and if so, what are the consequences and repair procedures?
  • Are the ideas you have for changes or renovations to the property structurally possible?

What’s involved in a structural inspection?

A building’s structure is key to its ability to age well, support renovations, and most importantly avoid significant repair costs.

When Building Masters inspects your property we carry out a full structural inspection of the building with you, we inspect the buildings foundations and the surrounding terrain to ensure you are buying a house that is built on solid foundations, is structurally sound and will not deteriorate due to use of cheap building materials or substandard building work at any point in its history.

Ensure the quality of your house’s structure to save money and heartache

For many homes, the structural inspection is the deciding factor on purchase.  When you get a pre-purchase inspection and know the structure of the building beneath the surface you can either buy knowingly or avoid a costly mistake.  Over the years, we estimate saving owners and investors alike, over $10 million by avoiding ‘shonky’ buildings or hidden structural issues rendering buildings worthless.

Contact us today on 1300 780 931 or fill out our online form to ensure your dream home won’t turn into a nightmare. For peace of mind, also get in touch with us at Building Masters if you’d like to perform a thorough asbestos check or a home inspection.


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Thank you very much John, you have saved our family from a very expensive mistake. Your service has been very prompt, thorough and professional.

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