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Most Trusted, Most Recommended Inspectors In Victoria

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Why choose Building Masters?


We have helped many people avoid buying a ‘tricked up’ property with hidden defects. We often also help buyers get a significant price reduction.


Face to face with a senior inspector outside the property or in a nearby cafe, with the opportunity to ask the inspector questions which matter most to you.


So you won’t miss out on your dream home. Call us any time, even just for a property chat. We are here to help.

We will beat any price of another qualified building inspector for a similar service

Our report fees range from $400 to $850 depending on the type of report required and the type of property being inspected. Our reports are unlike the common report template used by the building inspection industry. We include important extra information such as Structural Condition Checking, Checking of Plumbing, Drainage, Sewer, Electrical Safety, Asbestos, Repair Costing and a Pest Inspection.

Just forward us your best quote and if it matches our level of service we will beat it, guaranteed! 


Building inspections that give you peace of mind before you buy and a powerful negotiating tool, even after making an offer:

  • Identify the faults and show you each one in person.

  • Describe it in simple terms and provide advice about the building fault’s relevance.

  • Identify the likely cost of repair and the actual urgency or otherwise of the issue.

  • What are the current Structural, Pest or roofing issues.


1300 033 332


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We Inspect Across All of Melbourne & Geelong

  • Melbourne CBD

  • Inner Suburbs

  • Eastern Suburbs

  • Northern Suburbs

  • Southern Suburbs

  • Western Suburbs

  • Mornington Peninsula & Geelong



We were able to reduce the price of purchase of our first home by $29,000, because of your detailed and favourable report!

Priscilla & Michael

Mike is incredibly professional and thorough. He saved us from purchasing a house that required hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs (but was actually more suitable for demolition!!). It would have been a financial and emotional disaster had we pursued the purchase. A building inspection with Mike is worth it’s weight in gold. We appreciated Mike’s confidentiality when the real estate agent and owner enquired about the report findings at the time of inspection. Could not recommend more highly.


Mike was very thorough with his inspection and helped us identify some problem areas with a property we wanted to purchase. This has allowed us to put an offer forward with all of the information we need to hopefully secure a lower price. Very happy with the service, would recommend.


Building Master Inspections were thorough and professional. Their report was detailed and explained in a manner that I could understand. Their report stopped me making a really bad decision and I am eternally thankful. Reader, get on to these guys. Recommended.


Thanks for all your help – armed with your report, I was able to get a $10,000 deduct. A true service, including a professional advise and a comprehensive inspection report, which allows for a detailed discussion with the vendor, when re-negotiating a final price for the property.


Awesome, simply awesome in every way. Thank you Mike and Rod, it’s the best money I’ve ever spent as you have saved me from purchasing a nightmare that would have cost me hundreds of thousands to fix.
Highly recommend Building Masters Inspections !


Fantastic customer service matched with honesty and industry experience. These are very rare qualities in todays market. I have had very negative experiences of the building trade; great to see there are some people left who know what the are doing!


Very happy with Mike as he was thorough in his inspection and then spent an hour going through his many findings with us and next day provided a written report, all of which enabled us to avoid a lovely looking property with many hidden defects. The time Mike spent with us will also enable us to spot more problems in future but I still expect to call on his expertise again very soon.


Building Masters Vs. The Rest

More Than Just a Building Inspector

You will be invited to accompany your Building Masters expert, Independent Building Inspector on a tour of the building and property. He will carry out a detailed inspection of the home and put you clearly in the picture the whole way.

  • The Inspector will identify the building faults and describe each one to you in person

  • Description will be in simple terms and advice will be provided about the building fault’s relevance

  • Identify the likely cost of repair and the actual urgency or otherwise of the issue

  • Highlight the current Structural, Pest, Roofing and other important issues

building inspection service comparison

Comprehensive Building Reports

What’s included in our reports?

  • Identification of major hazards such as structural issues or suspected asbestos

  • Identification of  defects, such as expected property maintenance and future repairs

  • Overview on the presence of termites or timber pests

  • Identification of  defects, such as expected property maintenance and future repairs

  • A review of any present conditions that may attract or assist termite or timber pest infestation

Exceptional reports require exceptional inspectors:

Knowing a building’s true condition can be hard for the inexperienced person these days.  A little crack filler, some fresh paint and a tidy garden present well for a house inspection but can hide serious problems beneath the surface of the property.

Your best advice is to get a full pre-purchase building inspection report and ensure you know the true condition of the property you are about to buy in Melbourne.

Want to Learn More About our Reports? Call or Message us!

Inspections With a Difference

Customer Satisfaction is Our Highest Priority

Our job is to give you peace of mind

We want to make sure that you leave Building Masters armed with everything you need to make the best decisions moving forward, and it’s our goal to provide you with all the knowledge you need.

  • No jargon

  • No confusion

  • No nonesene

  • Just the facts

  • Plain & simple reporting

  • Expert advice

What Sets us Apart From the Rest?

Each inspection report can come with full Repair & Cost Guidance if required which includes:

  • On-the-spot feedback, face to face with an experienced and knowledgeable professional independent building inspector in our mobile office
  • Unbiased access to a veteran builder’s knowledge and experience
  • The opportunity to ask the questions which matter most to you
  • Get great support and strategy suggestions for your price negotiating or even re-negotiating following the discovery of unexpected defects

The Building Masters Process

What is a Building Master?

We are a qualified team of senior and registered ex-builder/renovators and we have seen it all

We know the big defects and the little ones. The properties that appear well presented but may be simply heavily disguised for selling purposes and the ones that will stand up to a renovation and the ones that won’t. We know which properties are a disaster and which are entirely fixable.

A Professional Eye

Nothing escapes our eye for detail, which is why we provide you with a termite and asbestos inspection plus we will include an estimated cost of repairs (conditions apply).

Time is of the Essence

We can inspect and report within 24 hours. So, you don’t have to wait for days to know if you should make an offer or bid at auction.

Invitation to Join Us at the Inspection

We provide private de-briefing in a local café or occasionally in our comfortable mobile office outside the property.

This service is designed to give you a better understanding of the building condition, its future costs and to empower your negotiating position, which can often result in a significant reduction in the purchase price and/or give you an advantage in an auction situation.

Property Inspection

You’ll be given a full report written in plain language covering all elements of a thorough building inspection including:

  • Building structural investigation

  • Hidden defect exposure

  • Overall condition of the property inc. Plumbing, Sewer, Drains

  • Electrical Safety

  • Asbestos status

  • Photos and a clear description of each defect

  • Defect repair cost – immediate and long term

  • Pest Inspection for Termites and Timber Borer

Verbal De-Brief on the Same Day

Following completion of the defect identification routine, our inspectors will welcome your attendance at the property, or in a nearby cafe, for a verbal de-brief of their findings. This will not only give you a speedy result but enable your viewing of the defect photos and the opportunity to ask questions most important to you.

Any Questions? Call or Message Us to Learn More

Here’s how it works:

  • We prepare our standard Full-Service Defect Report & Repair Costing

  • You withdraw your offer & appoint us to negotiate on your behalf

  • Using our report & property repair costs as a negotiating tool, we contact the agent seeking a reduction in your property purchase price

  • When we are successful, you sign a revised contract at a lower price

Our reward is 10% of the sum we save you – this can be paid on re-signing the contract or if required, paid for from loan funds at settlement by your conveyancer – leaving you in no pain and financially way ahead.


Regarding the Building Inspection industry – a word of advice:

We suggest you take care to avoid employing a building inspector who may have affiliations with real estate agents or other property service providers, such as conveyancers. This is an all too common and unethical feature of the Building Inspection industry and can mean there is a strong possibility of collusion between these parties. The result can be your receipt of an incomplete or “soft” Building Defect Report.

It is unfortunate that some inspection companies, including larger groups, focus their attention on service providers including real estate agents, in order to receive referral introductions to property buyers. This situation can lead to an obvious compromise by inspectors involved in these relationships and pressure to “soften” their reports, sometimes withholding vital information in order to maintain the relationship for on-going referrals. In turn this can result in you receiving a report which does not provide you with an accurate picture of the property – meaning you may not be made aware of serious defects until it is too late.

Building Masters Inspections act independently of real estate agents and all other property service providers. We adhere to a strict Privacy Policy, providing our findings about the property condition only to you and by acting with honesty and integrity, we focus solely on placing your interests at the forefront.