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Building Masters Inspections takes pride in its extensive history of delivering outstanding Pre-Purchase and Pest Inspection services in Northcote and the surrounding areas.

Our team of highly dedicated building inspection experts is focused on providing prompt and efficient reports for both residential and commercial properties.

Over the course of our journey, we have assisted countless property owners and prospective buyers with our Building Inspections in Northcote and throughout the broader Melbourne region. Our primary objective is to safeguard our clients from any potential property or residence overcharging. Our unwavering record of success firmly establishes us as one of Melbourne’s most trustworthy Building Inspection agencies.

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Northcote Pre Purchase inspection reports that offer more than peace of mind

Investing in a home can be a daunting task, especially for first-time buyers.

Many quickly realise the home-buying process involves various professionals unfortunately driven by their own financial interests, rather than yours.

Lawyers, conveyancers, and real estate agents primarily prioritise their profits rather than your best interests.

In contrast, building inspectors are exclusively focused on delivering an unbiased assessment of a property’s condition, often saving you significant amounts of money. We are dedicated to providing honest evaluations and complete transparency in our reports, ensuring you receive unfiltered information rather than a sales pitch inflated with promises. Notably, a building inspector receives compensation regardless of whether the property is sold, eliminating any incentive to mislead a homebuyer.

Our assessments offer a comprehensive and easily understandable analysis of your property, complete with photographs and the estimated repair cost.

All our building assessments are conducted by licensed and seasoned builders with extensive industry knowledge.

If you’re uncertain about the type of building inspection you require, please consult our blog for guidance and informative videos created by our expert building inspectors. These resources will help you grasp the importance of building inspections and determine the specific assessment that suits your needs. We also encourage you to contact us directly for further information at 1300 033 332 or by filling out the form on the right-hand side.

Whether you’re in the market for an existing property, planning to build a new home, or considering an investment, Building Masters Inspections is here to assist you. You deserve a professional who is entirely dedicated to your best interests, and that professional is a Building Masters Inspector!


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Suburb Spotlight: Northcote, VIC 3070

Nestled within the heart of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, just 7 kilometres northeast of the bustling Central Business District, lies Northcote—an inner-city gem. It finds its place under the jurisdiction of the City of Darebin.

In the dynamic landscape of Melbourne’s suburbs, Northcote stands out. According to the 2021 PwC Australia City Pulse study, which scrutinised 295 city suburbs, Northcote claimed the top spot with a perfect score of 10, making it a coveted locale for work, relaxation, and recreation.

Over time, Northcote has cultivated a vibrant ambience with the obligatory assortment of cafes, bars, and boutiques. The planning that graced Rucker’s Hill with its unparalleled city vistas has significantly contributed to the area’s allure.

As you traverse the Westgarth strip, ascend Ruckers Hill to High Street, or explore St Georges Road, you’ll be immersed in Northcote’s distinct artistic atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the latest exhibitions, catch a movie at Westgarth Cinema, revel in the performances of renowned and emerging musical acts at the Northcote Social Club, and indulge in eclectic entertainment at Open Studio and 303.

High Street Northcote boasts chic stores and fashion boutiques, complemented by various bars, cafes, and restaurants. Look no further than Northcote Plaza, featuring a diverse selection of popular retailers for all your shopping needs.

Delving into Northcote’s past, we find that the land once known as Northcote belonged to the Wurundjeri people. 1842 William Rucker erected a grand mansion on Bayview Street, now famously recognised as Ruckers Hill. During the Victorian gold rush of the 1850s, opulent residences dotted the landscape, adding historical richness to the suburb.

Northcote’s vibrant community spirit enhances its appeal and livability. With an impressive Walk Score of 82, Northcote is deemed eminently walkable, with most daily errands conveniently completed on foot. Cafes, parks, bike and walking trails, shops, schools, and efficient public transport via trains and trams are all within easy reach, right at the doorstep of most residences.

High Schools

1. Northcote High School
Founded in 1926, Northcote High School is a thriving co-educational institution renowned for its strong traditions, extensive co-curricular offerings, and vibrant intellectual atmosphere.

2. Santa Maria College
Established in Northcote in 1904 by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan, Santa Maria College is a forward-thinking Catholic secondary school exclusively for girls. With a rich history of empowering young women in fearless learning, it encourages them to unite for equity, diversity, justice, and their meaningful roles in society.

Primary Schools

1. Northcote Primary School
Having occupied its current site since 1886, Northcote Primary School opened a new school building in September 2000. In response to increasing demand and a commitment to an enriched curriculum, they have expanded their facilities with several recent extensions.

2. Westgarth Primary School
Westgarth Primary School emphasises the collective behaviour of its staff, parents, teachers, and students, recognising their shared responsibility in fostering a positive learning environment for children and young learners.

3. St. Joseph’s School
St. Joseph’s Primary School fosters a culture of excellence and lifelong learning in its close-knit learning community. They warmly welcome Catholic and multi-faith families, encouraging positive partnerships between school, home, and parish.

4. St. Christopher’s School
Dedicated to nurturing the complete development of each child, St. Christopher’s School, a Catholic institution, bases all its programs on Gospel values. Their mission is to inspire children to reach their full potential through a diverse curriculum tailored to individual needs.

5. Croxton School
Croxton School is a government-run institution catering to students from Prep to Year 12 with mild intellectual disabilities. It provides a safe and supportive learning environment that challenges students to excel and achieve their fullest potential.

6. St. Bernadette’s Primary School
Nurtured by the pastoral care of the Paulist Missionaries, St. Bernadette’s Primary School is located in North Sunshine in the western part of Melbourne, offering a Catholic education emphasising faith and values.

Exploring Northcote: Dining and Entertainment

If you’re searching for culinary delights or a lively night out with great music, Northcote covers you for every meal of the day and evening entertainment. Whether you’re up for a leisurely brunch, a relaxed lunch, or an exciting night on the town, Northcote has it all.

Northcote’s Sports and Recreation

Staying active and healthy in Northcote is a breeze with its diverse parks and recreational spaces. All Nations Park offers skating facilities, basketball courts, playgrounds, and picnic spots, surrounded by open spaces and a lush native garden featuring indigenous plants. Batman Park, one of Northcote’s oldest parks, provides easy public transport access and shady areas perfect for picnicking.

For those interested in sports, Northcote boasts facilities like the Northcote Aquatic and Recreation Centre, the Northcote Swimming & Lifesaving Club, and the Northcote Bowls Club. Cricket enthusiasts will find local clubs to join, and golfers can head to the Northcote Golf Club in the neighbouring suburb of Thornbury. The area also provides excellent biking opportunities.

Getting Around Northcote

Northcote’s accessibility is vital, with five railway stations servicing two train lines. The Mernda line serves Merri, Northcote, and Croxton stations, while the Hurstbridge line includes Westgarth and Dennis stations. Trams operate along St Georges Road, and bus routes are available along Separation Street, Westgarth Street, and Victoria Road.

Northcote’s Appeal

Northcote’s unique charm appeals to a diverse range of residents, including singles, families, professional couples, downsizers, and retirees. The suburb caters to a variety of lifestyles:

– Food lovers will relish the abundance of cafes and bars.
– The trendy and hipster scene thrives in Northcote.
– Urban living enthusiasts will find their niche here.
– Shoppers can indulge in a dreamlike retail experience.
– Families appreciate the family-friendly atmosphere.
– The suburb offers blue-chip living opportunities.
– Entertainment options are abundant.
– Sports and recreation enthusiasts have a multitude of choices.
Northcote’s overall vibe is trendy and inviting.

Quick Facts about Northcote

– Area: Approximately 6 square kilometers.
– Green Spaces: 23 parks covering nearly 11.3% of the total area.
– Population: 2011, Northcote had 22,919 residents, growing to 24,582 by 2016 (7.3% growth).
– Age Group: The predominant age group in Northcote is 30-39 years.
– Housing: Most households in Northcote are couples with children, with monthly mortgage repayments typically from $1,800 to $2,399.
– Occupations: Many Northcote residents work in professional occupations.
– Homeownership: In 2011, 60.7% of homes in Northcote were owner-occupied, compared to 58.6% in 2016.
– Median House Price: The current median sales price for houses in the area is $1,625,500.

In summary, Northcote is a welcoming and multicultural neighbourhood that caters to a diverse community. It offers a vibrant lifestyle with numerous dining and entertainment options, lush green spaces, and excellent transport connections. Whether you’re a foodie, nature enthusiast, sports lover, or simply seeking an inviting community, Northcote offers something unique.


Don’t just take our word for it, we have had hundreds of satisfied customers:

Hi Mike and John,
Thank you for conducting the building inspection for the property I am interested in.
The service and professionalism was outstanding and the verbal explanations of what work is required from John were very clear and helpful. It made my decision to go ahead much easier and gave me complete peace of mind.



Our Northcote building reports include:

  • Identification of major hazards such as structural issues or suspected asbestos

  • Identification of  defects, such as expected property maintenance and future repairs

  • Overview on the presence of termites or timber pests

  • A review of any present conditions that may attract or assist termite or timber pest infestation

  • So much more

Our Northcote inspection process

The truth is, we check for hundreds of potential defects, to find out more, take a look at our defect guide.

  • One of our accredited inspectors will visit the property and conduct a thorough inspection of the property at a time that suits you. You are welcome to come a long or have your inspector conduct the inspection on their own.

  • We look at both internal and external structural defects and include photos of any issues in the final report.
  • The Sub-Floor and Roof-Space can be inspected where accessible and we also do a comprehensive maintenance check.

  • We look for any water and dampness issues and we also look to see if there is any material on the property that may contain Asbestos.

  • We inspect the structure of building for any signs of pest infestations and check for and defects which would promote a future pest problem

  • We include important extra information such as Structural Condition Checking, Checking of Plumbing, Drainage, Sewer, Electrical Safety and Repair Costing.