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Independent Professional Building Inspections for any property in Melbourne

Our independent building inspectors offer personalised advice and provide highly detailed inspection reports for Pre-purchase Inspections and Pest and building inspections, every single time.

The reports we provide for our clients have eliminated doubt and given peace of mind to property buyers in Melbourne, Richmond, Mornington and the greater Melbourne area for years and offer in-depth structural evaluations for your property to help save you time and money.

Online Building Inspections

We now also offer virtual building inspections for a third of the cost! Take a Professional Inspector to the property with Zoom live video on your camera phone.

Communicate live as you walk around, guided by an expert Senior Building Inspector instructing you exactly where to point your camera phone, and giving you an easy to understand and accurate building defect briefing as you go with a report. Click here to find out more.

We will beat any price of another qualified building inspector for a similar service

Our reports fees range from $400.00 and $1500.00 incl GST depending on the type of report required and the type of property being inspected. A typical full-service report for a standard sized house is $850.00 incl GST. Our reports are unlike the common report template used by the building inspection industry. We include important extra information such as Structural Condition Checking, Checking of Plumbing, Drainage, Sewer, Electrical Safety, Asbestos, Repair Costing and a Pest Inspection.

Just forward us your best quote and if it matches our level of service we will beat it, guaranteed! With a focus on exceptional customer service and unparalleled results, we are the company of choice for property inspections throughout Melbourne, Richmond and the surrounding suburbs.


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G E T   C O N F I D E N C E   B U Y I N G   P R O P E R T Y

Commonwealth Bank Recommends Aussies get a Building & Pest Inspection

Our Property Negotiation Service could save you thousands

As an additional support to our clients, Building Masters offer a professional No Win – No Cost Property Price Negotiating service.
Employing the significant advantage of having prepared the Building Defect Report, in addition to our years of experience with the purchase of real estate, we are in a powerful position to negotiate the purchase price of the property on your behalf. We are aware most people do not have the negotiating skill required to take advantage of this process.

The preparation of a comprehensive Building Defect Report is recognised as essential to a property buyer, but the negotiating opportunity the report can create is often left unrealised. Until now, making use of the Building Defect Report to negotiate the purchase price – before or after the contract of sale has been signed – has been the province of the professional advocate – an expensive option for a buyer.

At Building Masters our senior staff have been engaged in building defect reporting and negotiating for decades – providing a negotiating service in addition to our Inspection Report services is logical for us and highly effective for our clients. Click here to find out more.

  • After you sign the purchase contract at the best price you can, you then book a Full-Service inspection within the “3 Day Cooling-Off Period” (talk to us first to check the clause wording of your contract)

  • If the report indicates unexpected repair expenses, you can appoint us to re-negotiate with the agent; this is normally possible and often successful in the cooling-off period with a repair costed defect report

  • We can then re-negotiate the purchase price on your behalf for a flat fee of 10% of the resulting discounted contract price (you forward our invoice to the Conveyancer to be paid later from settlement funds)

  • This approach can create a huge saving for you and is an incentive for us – it’s a genuine Win/Win

Building Inspections: Independent Inspectors offer more than peace of mind


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What sets our  Inspection Reports apart from the rest?

Each inspection report can come with full Repair & Renovation Cost Guidance if required which includes:

  • On-the-spot feedback, face to face with an experienced and knowledgeable professional independent building inspector in our mobile office or in a local cafe
  • Unbiased access to a veteran builder’s knowledge and experience with the opportunity to ask the questions which matter most to you. You can also get great support and strategy suggestions for your price negotiating or even re-negotiating following the discovery of unexpected defects

Call us today on 1300 033 332

The financial risks and emotional heartache that stems from buying the wrong property far outweighs the one-off cost of a reliable property inspection. We invite you to call Building Masters Inspections today for a rapid response from one of our qualified and independent building inspectors across Melbourne today.

Peace of mind when buying your new home or property has never been easier.

Are you looking at buying a new house? Or perhaps you are wanting to identify some issues around the home, take look at our guide to identifying building inspection defects.

Pest inspections included with every building inspection

The property inspector we send to you is highly experienced in every possible issue that can arise. Our team of experienced builders are conscientious professionals, with decades of industry knowledge. Put simply, if you’re looking to buy a property, a pre-purchase building defect inspection is essential. We will equip you with an inspection report which includes the cost of any repairs that’s filled with genuine advice from one of our building inspectors. With the building report in hand, you can not only make an informed real estate purchase but you can also use it as a powerful negotiating tool.

Asbestos inspections that can save lives

As asbestos can be extremely harmful to human health, it is highly recommended that professionals inspect your property for you, whether you require a routine check or are renovating or demolishing. Asbestos can be easy to miss, which is why we recommend our highly trained inspectors at Building Masters perform your asbestos inspection for you.

When making an offer to purchase “subject to a building inspection” make sure not to sign a contract which uses words like these: “The purchaser may end this contract if the building inspection shows any major structural defect.”

As experienced house and independent building inspector, I can assure you we often find defects which amount to deal breakers, but which cannot be described as “major structural defects.” Even with a report detailing these defects, we have seen a great deal of anxiety and financial losses occur in these circumstances. This is because the agent and the vendor’s solicitor can attempt to force the sale through because of the technicality of the language used.

Remember, you normally only have two professionals on your side before buying a new home or property – your solicitor and your building inspector. The vendor’s agent is not on your side.