So you’ve found yourself the perfect slice of heaven to call your own… but you want to make sure that you’re making the right decision on this new property so you’re thinking of getting a property inspection — because you’re smart like that. Not a wiser decision could be made at this point.

But let me guess, you’ve also been “umming” and “erring” about whether or not it’s worth the money or just another expense you can do without. Well, let me clear that up for you: 

A property inspection is ALWAYS worth it. 

Why? Well, when you receive a property inspection, you are not just paying for the inspection report, you’re paying for peace of mind. An experienced property inspector is going to arm you with all the knowledge you need to make the final decision on whether or not to go through with a property deal — which I’m sure you’ll agree, could be the decision of a lifetime. 

What is a property inspection report?

In basic terms, a property inspection report is about what’s wrong, how it happened, how it can be fixed, and how much will that cost? A quality report will be a simple to understand document outlining all the property’s identified defects with a photo and technical description of each. It should also include an overall estimate of the full cost of repairs.

Put simply, a property inspection report is an assessment of the overall condition of a given property. However, not all inspection reports are created equal…

The quality of a property inspection report is going to depend entirely on the experience, professionalism, and trustworthiness of the person in charge of inspecting the property. That might sound obvious, but it’s kind of a big deal. Just about anyone can become a registered building inspector and follow the standard assessment protocol, ticking boxes here and there; but only a highly experienced property inspector can give you a fully comprehensive and meticulously detailed evaluation in no uncertain terms.

Put another way, a property inspection report is a necessary step in the house buying process for anyone who wants to make sure that they are making the right decision on a home. Whether this is going to be your forever home, a holiday house, or an investment property, knowing whether or not you’re making the right decision is essential when the only alternative is taking a risk and potentially making the wrong choice. And when it comes to purchasing property, making the wrong choice is more than just an “oopsie”… it could leave you in financial ruin — and that’s not an exaggeration.

What’s included in an inspection report?

A property inspection report will include an internal and external assessment of potential faults such as:

  • The structural condition of the property
  • Condition of the roof, walls, floor, windows and doors
  • Site drainage and its impact on the building’s stability
  • Electrical safety and potential dangers
  • The state of the property’s plumbing system
  • Fire hazards
  • Whether the building is up to code
  • Building shortcuts, cheap fixes, and dodgy repairs
  • Rotting timber
  • The use of dangerous materials
  • The presence of asbestos
  • Light Timber Framing Code
  • Faults hidden to the untrained eye
  • Termite infestation
  • Much, much more…

The idea of a property inspection is to look over the entire house (and its accompanying structures) to determine its current state, whether it is structurally sound, what repairs it needs done (if any) and how much that will cost you – the buyer – to bring it up to scratch.

The property inspection report is the means by which this information is documented and handed over to you to provide a detailed account that you can then use to help you make an informed decision to either move forward with your purchase, say “thanks, but no thanks”, or maybe just run for the hills if things look really bad.

What’s different about a Building Masters report?

While a standard property inspection report should include an overall assessment of the aforementioned defects, there’s no guarantee that a standard property inspector will help you understand what any of it means. There’s also a chance that even if they provide you with a report of the necessary details, there’s no assurance that they will take you through it, help you understand the particulars, or even entertain your questions. Worst case scenario they might not even know themselves!

By getting a property inspection with Building Masters, our highly qualified inspectors not only provide you with the highest quality building assessments that are conducted by senior registered builders with decades of experience in the industry, we also give you the opportunity to ask the questions that matter the most to you. We’re here to help you understand what you’ll be getting if you decide to go through with your purchase, and we want you to leave an inspection feeling satisfied that you have everything you need to make a satisfactory choice about your prospective property.

A building Masters Inspection gives you the additional benefits of providing you with a tailored Q&A session to highlight any queries you might have which includes specialised advice and comprehensive guidance on our part to arm you with as much know-how as we possibly can. This means that you will learn more than just, “What’s wrong with this house?”. You’ll have the chance to find out the important things such as, “Should I buy the house?”, “Is this something I can fix on my own?”, “How much will it cost to get X repaired?”. Questions like these are far too nuanced to simply include in a report and are far more effectively communicated in person, in real time, in detail, and with the right inspector.


A quality property inspection report is going to cover as many defects as an inspector can find — so you’ll want to make sure they are as experienced as they come — and will outline the current condition of the property, its main concerns, and the estimated cost to get any defects repaired. The main difference between a standard report and an outstanding one is the company that provides them. Give Building Masters a call today on 1300 033 332 or inquire online for a comprehensive and detailed property inspection report that’s not only simple to understand, but comes complete with a highly professional service conducted by our team of experienced inspectors, ready to help you every step of the way. 

For more information about our property inspection services follow this link to read about our Building Inspection Reports.