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Reliable Pre Purchase Property & Building Inspections Throughout Melbourne

At Building Masters Inspections, we pride ourselves on conducting a quality of work unlike any other. With a wide range of building and pest inspection options available, our experienced professionals come to your property and conduct a thorough examination that you can rely on to uncover any hidden dangers and defects.

With a reputation for excellence and a passion for delivering unparalleled customer service, we have quickly become the company of choice for pre-purchase inspections for a range of customers throughout the area.

Why you should always inspect a property before you buy

When it comes to buying something as big as a new home, you always want to make sure that everything is up to standard before you hand over the money and get handed the keys. While it’s easy to look at a brand new home and think that nothing seems to be wrong, the truth is that a professional inspector may easily spot dozens of defects that seriously impact the value of the property.

That’s where we come in. Our team of dedicated staff are able to provide detailed yet easy to understand reports that inform you of all the underlying defects of your potential new home. Not only does this help you decide whether to buy or walk, but it can help you negotiate a lower price than the one the seller may be asking for.

At the end of the day, it’s important that you make an informed decision when it comes to something as significant as property investment, which is why our service is relied on by so many people throughout the area.


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We also offer a property price re-negotiation service that can save you thousands

As an additional support to our clients, Building Masters offer a professional a last-minute Property Price Re-Negotiating service. Using the significant advantage of having prepared the Building Defect Report, in addition to our years of experience with the purchase of real estate, we are in a powerful position to negotiate a substantial discount on the property on your behalf.

The production of a comprehensive Building Defect Report is acknowledged as mandatory to a property buyer, but the negotiating opportunity the report can create is often left unrealised. Utilising the Building Defect Report to re-negotiate the purchase price – after the contract of sale has been signed- has typically been the province of the professional advocate – an expensive option for a buyer.

At Building Masters our senior staff have been engaged in building defect reporting and negotiating for decades –  and as such, providing a re-negotiating service in addition to our Inspection Report services is logical for us and highly effective for our clients.

It’s simple- after you have negotiated with the vendors agent to your best ability and signed the purchase contract and employed us to prepare a Building Defect Report, we will advise you to withdraw from the contract (under our guidance) following which, you can stand back and let our experienced  inspectors re-negotiate a discount on your behalf.

How it works:

  • Building Masters conduct the Full-Service building inspection of the property and prepare a Defect Report

  • If the report indicates unexpected expenses and you wish to continue with the purchase – but at the right price, you can appoint us to re-negotiate with the agent; this is normally possible and often successful in the cooling-off period with our repair costed defect report

  • Under our guidance, you withdraw from the signed contract in writing (subject to the contract conditions) normally doing so within the “3 Day Cooling-Off” period citing your consumer right to “change your mind”– this allows you to take a back-seat while we begin our negotiation routine

  • You then inform the Agent by email that the Building Inspectors Office has been formally appointed as your Representative and that any future communication must directed to us

  • For us to be effective we must be unencumbered – so we require that you cease communication with the Agent until re-negotiation between our office and the Agent has concluded

  • The next step, now you have withdrawn from the contract, is the provision of the Building Defect Report to the Agent – this is done by the Building Inspectors Office

  • The Agent will typically then show the report to the Vendor advising the sale may fall through; however, not wishing to lose their commission, the Agent will request the Vendor’s permission to re-negotiate by offering to “share the repair costs” between the parties and seek the Vendor’s authority to offer a discount on the purchase price in line with, or as a percentage of, the now disclosed building defect repairs and the associated costs

  • Having received approval from the Vendor to discount the price, the Agent will contact the Building Inspectors Office and the re-negotiation gets underway

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This powerful tactic produces a last-minute opportunity for an extra price re-negotiation

As senior Building Inspectors with a depth of experience dealing with real estate agents, our role can be used very effectively at the last minute – during the “cooling-off” period, in essence, providing you with a re-negotiation opportunity you did not have until we entered the scene – just when everyone thought it was finalised.

Our approach is to use our inspection findings to place additional last-minute pressure on the agent and the vendor, causing them to urgently review their price expectations or face the risk of losing the sale to you – a situation both the agent and the vendor will commonly try and avoid.

This re-negotiation strategy highlights our professional qualifications, combined with the findings in our Defect Report to create a reality check for the vendor, effectively bringing the sale procedure to a temporary halt.

Our Negotiating Experience

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At Building Masters, we are experienced in handling Real Estate Agents – we know their tactics and their negotiating technique. Additionally, we have the benefit of being an independent third party (a significant negotiation strength). We know how to play the game; we have the knowledge and the credibility – we effectively hold the sale in the palm of our hands and the agent knows it.

On your behalf, we take control and put your interests on top – where they should be. Often our efforts produce a discount on the purchase price which exceeds our clients’ expectation. If you see it as we see it – you have nothing to lose and much to gain.

Please feel free contact us on 1300 780 931 should you wish to discuss this service in more detail.

Building Inspections that you can rely on

At Building Masters, we are proud to offer a standard of service that truly exceeds at every level. From our attentive customer care to our comprehensive approach to each and every inspection, we are dedicated to satisfying our customers and maintaining our stellar reputation. With years of industry experience under our belts, our professional advice and recommendations help customers throughout the eastern suburbs of Melbourne make informed decisions when purchasing a new home or building.

Enquire about a building and property inspection today

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