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"Hi Mike,

It was a pleasure to read your building inspection report.  It was comprehensive on the most important points, well-written and succinct.

I replied to the real estate agent last night and described some of the detail in the report.

From the agent's short reply this morning, it seems he was expecting at least some of it.  I told him in the email that he is free to pass on some of the information to the vendors but got no reply in this regard.

You have helped me to make an important decision, and I appreciate it."

-Arthur Smardencas



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Hi Mike,

Initially we were unsure whether it's worth to hire an inspector to inspect our home building for the frame and pre-plastering stage. However, it turns out to be worth of value as Building Master outline the details of what shown to be a significant defects that needs to be fixed by builder which without it, will not be noticed by us. Michael has provide a great service in answering all our queries. Definitely use your service again if we are going to build another house. Thank you.

Steven and Imelda
Point Cook