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Independent Building Inspection Reports:

Personal advice is more useful to a home buyer than the common alternative offered by many inspectors of a pre-printed building inspection report full of ticks and crosses. A Building Masters Building Inspector is a genuine expert, with daily exposure to all aspects of building condition, investment and value-adding design and building concepts. He is easy to talk to and without doubt, the right man to ask your questions of, and the building inspection reports are designed for you to learn how to spot defects yourself, giving you insightful knowledge and confidence when reviewing multiple properties.

Don’t Just settle For A “Building Inspection Report”

During your building inspection you have the opportunity of asking the questions which matter most to you.  A Building Masters Building Inspection provides a professional building inspection service with the added benefit of a personal question and answer session and your building inspection report will highlight the issues you are concerned about.

Guidance on all issues involving repairs, renovation and re-building

This level of service goes well beyond a standard inspection, enabling you to get the guidance you need to the important issues. For example, “what’s wrong with this house?”, “can I deal with it?”, “should I buy this house?” and “if I do, how much will it cost to repair or renovate?” These questions are best discussed in person and in detail, rather than being simply identified on a building inspection report form.

Building Condition and Defect Report

Knowing a building’s true condition can be hard for the inexperienced person these days.  A little crack filler, some fresh paint and a tidy garden present well for a Melbourne house inspection but can hide serious problems beneath the surface of the property.  We have all heard horror stories of cars bought without inspections and with too much trust in the vendors word.

Your best advice is to get a full pre-purchase building inspection report and ensure you know the true condition of the property you are about to buy in Melbourne.

  • Does the building present well for its age and type?
  • Are there any expensive faults which have been covered up and might appear again in the near future?
  • Is the building of the type which will shortly reach its “use by” date and produce a series of costly repairs for you to face?
  • It might appear neat and clean to the untrained eye, but is the building not what it claims to be?

These are just some of the questions that will be when you chose to get a pre purchase building inspection report from Building Masters.

Every building is different so it’s important to use a building inspector that’s seen it all

Every building has its secrets and every building has advantages and opportunities. Find out what they are with a  building inspection report from Building Masters before you buy.


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Thanks Mike,
I was glad i got you to do the building inspection it opened my eyes to the problems and you saved me big $$$ in the long run. A well detailed report and face to face professional advice, i would highly recommend your services to anyone.

Kind Regards,


Claudio Gallo
Chelsea Heights