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Building Masters Inspections is renowned for its long-standing commitment to delivering exceptional Pre-Purchase and Pest Inspection services in Reservoir and the neighboring regions. Our team consists of devoted building inspection professionals who prioritize delivering timely and effective reports for residential and commercial properties.

Throughout our extensive experience, we have aided numerous property owners and prospective buyers through our Building Inspections in Reservoir and across the wider Melbourne area. Our main goal is to protect our clients from any possible property or housing-related issues, and our consistent track record of success firmly positions us as one of Melbourne’s most reliable Building Inspection firms.


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Reservoirinspection reports that deliver a level of assurance that goes beyond simple peace of mind.

Investing in a home can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re a first-time buyer. What becomes evident quickly is that the home-buying process involves a range of professionals who, unfortunately, often prioritize their financial gain over your well-being.

Lawyers, conveyancers, and real estate agents tend to focus primarily on their profits rather than your best interests. In contrast, building inspectors have an exclusive dedication to providing an unbiased assessment of a property’s condition, which can often save you a substantial amount of money. Our commitment is to deliver truthful evaluations and complete transparency in our reports, ensuring you receive unfiltered information instead of a sales pitch filled with exaggerated promises. Notably, a building inspector receives compensation regardless of whether the property is sold, eliminating any incentive to mislead a homebuyer.

Our assessments offer a comprehensive and easily understandable analysis of your property, complete with photographs and estimated repair costs. All our building assessments are conducted by licensed and experienced builders with extensive industry knowledge.

If you’re uncertain about the type of building inspection you need, please refer to our blog for guidance and informative videos created by our expert building inspectors. These resources will help you understand the significance of building inspections and determine the specific assessment that suits your requirements. We also encourage you to reach out to us directly for further information at 1300 033 332 or by completing the form on the right-hand side.

Whether you’re in the market for an existing property, planning to construct a new home, or considering an investment, Building Masters Inspections is here to support you. You deserve a professional who is entirely dedicated to your best interests, and that professional is a Building Masters Inspector!


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Suburb Spotlight: Reservoir, VIC 3073

Located a mere 12 kilometers from the Central Business District (CBD), Reservoir is a diverse community encompassing people of various ages and life stages. It has earned a reputation as an excellent choice for both professionals and families with children. The suburb’s appeal is further enhanced by its captivating period houses. To determine if Reservoir is the right fit for you, consider evaluating the local amenities and facilities in the surrounding neighborhood.

Reservoir is a suburb situated 12 kilometers north of Melbourne’s Central Business District in Victoria, Australia. It falls under the jurisdiction of the City of Darebin, and according to the 2016 Census, it had a population of 50,474 residents. In terms of land area, Reservoir holds the distinction of being the largest suburb in Melbourne.

Reservoir is a diverse and well-established suburb featuring a mix of brick and weatherboard homes, and it is also witnessing a growing number of new property developments. Within the area, you’ll find popular recreational destinations such as Edwardes Lake and the Reservoir Leisure Centre. Additionally, Reservoir boasts vibrant shopping districts along Edwardes Street and Broadway.

The suburb enjoys proximity to key amenities, including the Northland Shopping Centre, Preston Market, the High Street food quarter, and the shops and restaurants along Sydney Road. Furthermore, it is home to one of Melbourne’s last remaining drive-in cinemas, the Village in Coburg. Reservoir is currently experiencing notable growth and remains a favored choice for individuals seeking an inner-city lifestyle that is still considered affordable.

Reservoir benefits from a well-connected transportation network, with four railway stations servicing the Mernda railway line: Reservoir, Regent, Keon Park, and Ruthven. Additionally, Reservoir station serves as a central hub for various bus routes within the area, and two tram lines also serve the region.

Outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of the Merri Creek Trail and Darebin Creek Trail, shared-use recreational paths that accommodate cyclists and pedestrians as they wind through Reservoir.

When it comes to accessibility, Reservoir enjoys easy connections to major roadways, including the Northern/Western Ring Road, Hume Highway/Freeway, Tullamarine & Calder Freeways, and the Eastern Freeway.

One of Reservoir’s distinguishing features is its property prices, which are still considered affordable when compared to other suburbs located within a 15-kilometer radius of Melbourne’s city center.

In terms of lifestyle, Reservoir offers:

– Urban living
– A shopper’s paradise
– A haven for food lovers
– A family-friendly environment
– A wealth of sports and recreational opportunities.


Reservoir is nestled on the fringe of the inner city, possesses a unique and captivating charm. This suburb is currently undergoing remarkable growth, characterized by a plethora of new developments. Amidst this growth, you’ll discover a wealth of exquisite period homes, ranging from Art Deco to classic Australian weatherboard styles, many of which feature expansive gardens and stunning interior renovations. In addition to these period homes, you’ll also find a variety of 1960s-style units and spacious family residences situated on sizable plots, alongside newly established modern townhouses and units with sleek geometric designs.

The demographic makeup of Reservoir is a harmonious blend of long-standing resident families, as well as a growing population of young, independent individuals who are drawn to the suburb’s convenient location and its reputation for offering a relatively affordable inner-city lifestyle.

Reservoir boasts a range of amenities to cater to its residents, including the Northland Shopping Centre, Preston Market, the High Street Food Quarter, Sydney Road’s vibrant shops and restaurants, and even one of Melbourne’s last remaining drive-in cinemas, the Village in Coburg.

Convenience is a central theme in Reservoir, with four railway stations conveniently located along the Mernda Railway line: Reservoir, Regent, Keon Park, and Ruthven. Furthermore, there’s exciting news on the horizon, as the Victorian Government has plans to construct a suburban rail loop that will incorporate a station in Reservoir.

Access to major roadways is also a breeze, thanks to the suburb’s proximity to the Northern/Western Ring Road, Hume Highway/Freeway, Tullamarine and Calder Freeways, and the Eastern Freeway.

What is the estimated value of my Reservoir home?

As of January 23, 2023, the median price for a house in Reservoir stands at $918,000, while the median price for a unit is $618,000. Over the past year, 442 houses and 398 units have been sold in this area. Houses have experienced an average annual capital growth rate of 3.33%, whereas units have seen a growth rate of 4.23%. In the last 12 months, houses have seen a capital growth of 3.01%, while units have remained steady at 0.00%.

The Demand to Supply Ratio (DSR) for homes and units is rated as above average, indicating that demand slightly surpasses supply in this market. This presents a favorable opportunity for those seeking to enhance property value, as buyers can sometimes make lower offers and sellers often achieve their desired prices. Growth in this market is expected to be slightly higher than the national average. On average, it takes 28 days to sell a house and 31 days to sell a unit in Reservoir.


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  • Regent Station
  • Reservoir Station
  • Ruthven Station
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Don’t just take our word for it, we have had hundreds of satisfied customers:

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One of the appealing aspects of Reservoir is its convenience, and currently, it ranks among the most sought-after suburbs in Melbourne.

This makes investing in a property in Reservoir an excellent choice.


Our Reservoir building reports include:

  • Identification of major hazards such as structural issues or suspected asbestos

  • Identification of  defects, such as expected property maintenance and future repairs

  • Overview on the presence of termites or timber pests

  • A review of any present conditions that may attract or assist termite or timber pest infestation

  • So much more

Our Reservoir inspection process:

The truth is, we check for hundreds of potential defects, to find out more, take a look at our defect guide.

  • One of our accredited inspectors will visit the property and conduct a thorough inspection of the property at a time that suits you. You are welcome to come a long or have your inspector conduct the inspection on their own.

  • We look at both internal and external structural defects and include photos of any issues in the final report.
  • The Sub-Floor and Roof-Space can be inspected where accessible and we also do a comprehensive maintenance check.

  • We look for any water and dampness issues and we also look to see if there is any material on the property that may contain Asbestos.

  • We inspect the structure of building for any signs of pest infestations and check for and defects which would promote a future pest problem

  • We include important extra information such as Structural Condition Checking, Checking of Plumbing, Drainage, Sewer, Electrical Safety and Repair Costing.