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Building Masters Inspections possess a proud history of delivering high quality Pre purchase inspection services to Queenscliff and surrounding suburbs.

Through the years, we’ve aided a great number of homeowners and buyers alike using our Building Inspections throughout Queenscliff and the greater Melbourne region, making sure that they never pay too much for any possible property and demonstrating repeatedly that we’re among Victoria’s most trustworthy Building Inspection companies.

Employing a great deal of experience, our team of pre purchase inspection industry experts focus on providing effective advice for any home.

Call Building Masters Inspections today – one of our own team members will come to your Queenscliff property or home to examine any unseen defects.
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Our Queenscliff building inspectors are on your side

Buying a new home can be a difficult undertaking in the best of times, particularly when it’s your very first property. Quite a few young families for instance, are likely to feel that the entire home buying procedure is stacked against them – which it is. Every professional involved with the system, from lawyers to conveyancers, buyers to suppliers and realtors, are all thinking about one thing and one thing alone – earning a profit. If they are successful in convincing you to purchase a property then they are in position to make a percentage or charge their fees and at the end of the day, this is their fundamental aim.

Building inspectors however, don’t have any such biases and therefore purely concerned with doing what’s right by the prospective house buyers. They’re obliged to be forthright with their conclusions and completely transparent with any information, this means you get the simple truth and not some over inflated sales pitch. A building inspector still earns money regardless of whether or not the property is sold or not and have only one focus – telling you the truth.

Through the years, we have aided countless house owners and buyers alike through our Building Inspections throughout Queenscliff as well as the greater Melbourne region, making sure that they do not pay too much for any prospective property and demonstrating again and again that we are undoubtedly one of Melbourne’s most trusted Building Inspection businesses. Our assessments provide a extensive and detailed investigation into the situation of your whole property inside an easy-to-read format filled with images and predicted total repair cost. All our building inspections are carried out by highly trained and licensed builders who have many years of experience within the industry.

Uncertain about the type of building inspection that you might want? Have a look at our blog page for assistance and enlightening training videos by our expert building inspectors to better comprehend the importance of building inspections and the sort of inspection that will benefit you and your property. We also strongly encourage you to contact us directly for more information on 1300 033 332 or complete the form on the right-hand side.

You’ll need someone on your team who’s solely on your side – the most suitable person is an expert Building Masters Inspector!

Price beat guarantee: We can beat any price offered by another qualified inspector for a similar level of service.

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Our reports start from $400.00 incl GST and out typical full-service report for a standard sized house is $850 incl GST.

Unlike the common report template used by the building inspection industry, we include important extra information such as Structural Condition Checking, Checking of Plumbing, Drainage, Sewer, Electrical Safety, Asbestos, Repair Costing, Renovation advice and a Pest Inspection.

Just forward us your best quote and if it matches our level of service we will match it, guaranteed! With a focus on exceptional customer service and unparalleled results, we are the company of choice for property inspections throughout Melbourne.

Building Masters Inspections have eliminated doubt for property buyers and owners for decades by offering in-depth structural evaluations of any property. Buy your new home, build the house of your dreams or invest in your next property with confidence.

Don’t just take our word for it, we have had hundreds of satisfied customers: 

Good evening Mike, Sincerely Emma and I  Thankyou for your time and everything you have done here for us. Plenty of ammo tomorrow when we make an offer. Again it is much appreciated.....thanks.


 Simon and Emma deRoos

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Our building reports include:

  • Identification of major hazards such as structural issues or suspected asbestos

  • Identification of  defects, such as expected property maintenance and future repairs

  • Overview on the presence of termites or timber pests

  • A review of any present conditions that may attract or assist termite or timber pest infestation

  • So much more

Melbourne’s most trusted building inspector

We are on your side -not the seller’s or the agent’s and we understand the stress that can come with buying a property. Building Masters Inspections are here to help you make the right choice.

We can provide building and pest reports within 24 hours of an inspection and are always available to discuss your concerns in detail.
Our Inspection reports are always thorough, unbiased and written in plain English.

Our inspectors are accredited builders with decades of experience and can help you find the house you’ve always been looking for at the right price

Our inspectors know all the hows and whys of every defect

At Building Masters Inspections, we pride ourselves on conducting a quality of work unlike any other. With a wide range of building and pest inspection options available, our experienced professionals come to your property and conduct a thorough examination that you can rely on to uncover any hidden dangers and defects.

With a reputation for excellence and a passion for delivering unparalleled customer service, we have quickly become the company of choice for pre-purchase inspections for a range of customers throughout the area.

If you want to be sure that the property you’re looking at buying is stable, safe and free of pests and bugs, allow the professional property inspectors from Building Masters to inspect your Melbourne property. Ensuring at the pre-purchase stage that the property you’re interested in is valued at the right price is important in ascertaining you’re getting value for your money.

Building Masters have completed building and pest inspections across Melbourne, priding themselves on providing customers with an efficient service ensuring a first class experience from start to finish. This is how Building Masters are known for being Melbourne’s best building and pest inspections. All our building inspectors are registered building masters ensuring you receive on-the-spot feedback, face to face with an experienced and knowledgeable professional builder.

For many homes, the structural inspection is the deciding factor on a purchase.  When you get a pre-purchase inspection and know the structure of the building beneath the surface you can either buy knowingly or avoid a costly mistake.  Over the years, we estimate saving owners and investors alike, over $10 million by avoiding ‘shonky’ buildings or hidden structural issues rendering buildings worthless.

Personal advice is more useful to a home buyer than the common alternative offered by many inspectors of a pre-printed building inspection report full of ticks and crosses. A Building Masters Building Inspector is a genuine expert, with daily exposure to all aspects of building condition, investment and value-adding design and building concepts. He is easy to talk to and without doubt, the right man to ask your questions of, and the building inspection reports are designed for you to learn how to spot defects yourself, giving you insightful knowledge and confidence when reviewing multiple properties.

If you’re demolishing, renovating or just want a routine check of your existing property, Building Masters are the experts in asbestos testing across Melbourne. Asbestos is an extremely harmful building material that has negative effects on our health, so ridding your property of this is important, and needs to be left to professionals. Building Masters’ inspections in Melbourne can ascertain the presence of Asbestos and work towards removing it.

Secure the health and safety of your family or staff at your Melbourne property with the best Asbestos inspections Melbourne has to offer through Building Masters. All Melbourne Asbestos testing is conducted in a safe and secure manner so as to minimise your further exposure. Your Asbestos report and test results will be provided to you within a week.

Our inspection process

The truth is, we check for hundreds of potential defects, to find out more, take a look at our defect guide.

  • One of our accredited inspectors will visit the property and conduct a thorough inspection of the property at a time that suits you. You are welcome to come a long or have your inspector conduct the inspection on their own.

  • We look at both internal and external major and minor structural defects and include photos of any issues in the final report.

  • The Floor and Roof-Space can be inspected where accessible and we also do a comprehensive maintenance check.

  • We look for any water and dampness issues and we also look to see if there is any material on the property that may contain Asbestos.

  • We inspect the structure of building for any signs of pest infestations and check for and defects which would promote a future pest problem

  • We include important extra information such as Structural Condition Checking, Checking of Plumbing, Drainage, Sewer, Electrical Safety and Repair Costing.