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Broken Promises and the Emotional Turmoil Caused by Volume Builders

Property buyers looking to build a new home or purchase a house and land package from a volume building company can easily fall victim to the pitfalls they produce through poor workmanship and hidden defects. The emotional turmoil and financial destruction created by building with or purchasing a shoddy home from a volume builder is something that is hard to witness in the building inspection industry. It is a real tragedy when you come into contact with a family who have put their investment into a home only to find out later that the slab is broken and that they have to rebuild the property. This is just one of the ways in which these cut-cost builders compromise the quality of their service. The financial stress placed upon these unlucky buyers is [...]

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You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

 Unless you’re a big-time investor, you probably don’t purchase real estate often at all. On average, people buy a new property every seven years, but it can often stretch into decades between drinks. As a result, it’s easy to feel unfamiliar with the process when you start looking on the market after a long absence. Choosing a building inspector is no exception. When searching for an inspector and comparing the results, a natural response will be to choose the one that offers the cheapest rate. If you choose to take this road it may seem like you’re getting the same service regardless of cost – but you don’t know what you don’t know. You may never discover what you should have received without digging a little deeper. It’s natural to want the [...]

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The Ugly Truth: Gender Bias in the Building Industry

To say men are strongly represented in the building inspection industry would be an understatement. According to the most recent data available through Job Outlook – an initiative of the Department of Employment – more than 89.6% of architectural, building and surveying technicians are male. The Workplace Gender Equality Agency tells a similar story, reporting that men make up 88.3% of the entire construction industry. Considering the total Australian workforce is over 46% female, these numbers tell a compelling story about the dramatic underrepresentation of women in the building industry. To take a more anecdotal perspective, the building industry tends to attract the ‘blokey bloke’. While there are certainly building inspectors that show respect towards their clients regardless of gender, the unfortunate reality is that there are still too many who condescend [...]

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The Crisis Facing Australian Homes

Standing in the living area of a two-bedroom apartment in Southbank, it quickly becomes obvious why this building’s residents are having trouble sleeping. The click, creak, click emanating from the walls is frustratingly persistent and enough to drive you mad during the day, let alone in the middle of the night. During inspection, the culprit was found to be a loose section of roof flashing which vibrated in certain wind conditions. Add that to a stressed trussed roof system, loose panels and rails, a rattling extraction fan and several other issues, and you’re left to wonder how a two-bedroom property so plagued by poor workmanship could be sold for close to one million dollars. During another inspection of a multi-story apartment building in Melbourne’s CBD, we identified incorrectly manufactured joinery used in [...]

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Can You Really Trust a Real Estate Agent?

 Real estate agents have long been plagued by a reputation for dishonesty, but is this perception well founded? It’s worth noting that real estate agents are trained to not tell outright lies to home buyers. There are all kinds of laws that are drilled into new agents to ensure they don’t land in hot water, and they soon build an extensive understanding of what they can and can’t say. The key is that instead of lying, real estate agents perfect the art of not telling the whole truth. Here are five examples of deceptive behaviour that you may encounter as a first home buyer along with an explanation of what the agent may really be trying to achieve. Discouraging inspections for new homes Many newly-built homes are pushed to be sold under [...]

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Why Home Buyers Can’t Rely on Consumer Protection

Why Home Buyers Can’t Rely on Consumer Protection From an overall standpoint, Australian consumers are strongly protected by legislation. Common law is designed to cover all manner of contexts, while many different policies have been introduced by the Government to support specific industries. But bureaucracy often stands in the way of these measures, leading to exploitation of the process and a system that is far less favourable to the home buyer than it should be. What’s in place to protect home buyers? Building industry regulations such as the Home Owners Warranty policy have been introduced in an effort to protect home buyers from defects in newly constructed buildings. However, despite the positive intention of this industry-specific legislation and general consumer law, most measures are poorly implemented or subject to manipulation. In practice, [...]

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The Trap Faced by First Home Buyers and How to Avoid It

Buying your first home can be a nerve-racking mix of high hopes and utter trepidation. It’s a huge investment and a significant milestone, so it’s a given that you’ll be experiencing a whole range of emotions. Among all the excitement, you may not realise how heavily the real estate system is stacked against you: there’s much more to it than saving for a deposit and hoping your offer gets accepted. While it may feel like a fair and balanced process, everyone involved has a vested interest and is out to get their slice of the pie. That smiling real estate agent with the firm handshake and friendly banter? It’s easy to forget that they are trained in the psychology of sales and acting solely on the best interests of the vendor and [...]

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Fitting a quality building inspection within your budget

Booking a pre-purchase building inspection is a no-brainer and anyone would say that they want to choose a professional that they can trust. That said, you’re likely to encounter varying rates between providers after a quick Google search and a few phone calls, and it can be hard to know what the difference is between them all. While there can be a number of variables between inspectors, it can all be broken into four major concepts. Quality of the report Typically, cheaper building inspections include much less information so that the provider can reduce their overheads. These reports are often evasive, non-committal and potentially useless if they overlook key issues, which is why you should seek a provider that can produce a detailed report at a competitive price. Time taken A quality [...]

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Not All Building Inspectors Are The Same – What to Look Out For

Like most things these days, when we need a professional service or product we turn first to the internet. As a near infinite depository of information, you’ll always have access to a comprehensive list of reliable businesses from which to choose from. However, how are you supposed to know when a business is reliable or not? Just because they have a flashy looking website, compelling content and appear on the first page of your search engine, doesn’t always guarantee the integrity and professionalism of their service. When it comes to building inspectors, as this is an unregulated profession, you will find that many ‘inspectors’ are unregistered and incompetent. This undoubtedly makes choosing the right business challenging, but not impossible. If you’re having difficulties choosing from all the service providers available online, then [...]

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Why Investing in a Building Inspection Could Save You a Lot of Money

 It’s understandable that when you’re purchasing a new property, you want to limit the expenses as much as possible. You’re already paying for costs such as stamp duty, legal fees, surveyors and other possible services and this amount is not even factoring in the deposit you’ve just paid for your home loan. It is because of this that many home owners forgo having a building inspection conducted prior to purchasing their property. This is the biggest mistake you could make however, as you’re much more likely to have to spend more in the short, medium and long run when potential defects force you to invest in costly repairs or renovations.  Spending a little now, to save a lot later  In comparison to some of the repairs needed to fix structural or irreversible [...]

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