Termite Treatment & Control

Nip white ants in the bud with various termite control methods

If an infestation in your house has been identified, immediate action must be undertaken to destroy the termites. However, all houses are constructed differently, so the materials must be taken into consideration. The type and year of construction, the materials used, soil types, slopes, and even the size of the house and block all play important factors in termite control methods. One particular method that works well for one house may not be effective for another.

Counteractive treatment involves a range of options, depending on whether the nest is found or not. If the nest is found, it can be destroyed by complete removal or by application of a chemical insecticide. Regardless, the termites must be prevented from continuing their attack on your house using chemicals, such as:

  • Barrier treatments: This chemical soil treatment can be applied under and/or around the house.
  • Dusts: This treatment can be applied as stand-alone, or as part of a combined approach, and can only be used by licensed professional pest controllers. The pest controller applies a small amount of dust containing active ingredients such as arsenic trioxide into the area infested by termites. The dust settles onto the termites, which the termites then carry back to the nest and spreads throughout the colony.
  • Baits: The termites are fed bait that involves active ingredients such as arsenic trioxide, which spreads to the entire colony. There are DIY baiting systems, but the bait must be applied by a professional pest controller.

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