Mike Heathcote is the founder of Building Masters Inspections and a veteran builder with decades of experience. Utilising his decades of industry knowledge , Mike has set up a Building Inspection service that is catered towards providing expert opinion on the true condition of buildings and helping house buyers find their perfect home Melbourne wide.

Home Inspection Reports

Over the years, Building Masters have helped homeowners save money and heartache by providing comprehensive pre-purchase building inspections. Building Masters reports don’t just include detailed, specific and easy to understand information on the condition of the property. They also include guidance on all issues involving repairs, renovation and re-building. Pest inspections are also included in the building inspection

A Team – Building Inspectors

Over the years, Mike has built a formidable team at Building Masters. Unlike other building inspectors who might be building designers with little practical knowledge of building problems, costs and solutions, Building Masters comprise of highly experience builders who are conscientious professionals, with decades of industry knowledge behind them.

Helping Homeowners in Melbourne

Building Masters building inspectors will equip you with a building inspection report and genuine advice with real knowledge, which will help homeowners make an informed real estate purchase and also use it as a powerful negotiating tool, even after making an offer.
So don’t compromise your family’s safety by blindly buying a property the seller tells you is safe. Conduct your own independent pre purchase defect inspections of your desired property and be sure the Melbourne property you have your eye on is safe and secure.