Are you thinking about selling your home? If so, you might be wondering if there is anything you can do to improve its current condition and boost up that value. Well, you’re in luck! I want to take you through five fool-proof features that you can use to modernise your home and appeal to buyers left, right, & center.

It goes without saying that updating your digs is going to make a good impression on potential buyers and keeping your home renewed is always going to boost its value. So let’s go through some of the most timeless and in demand updates you can use to revamp your home that won’t only bring enthusiasm and intrigue from buyers, but will undoubtedly add some serious dollars to the value of your lovely abode.

  1. Kitchen

Let’s start with the kitchen. I mean honestly, who doesn’t love food? Refurbishing an outdated  kitchen is basically as good as selling your house with a lifetime supply of chocolate… everyone will want it. Better yet, there’s no demographic that you’ll be leaving out because no matter how young or old you are, a stunning kitchen is going to appeal.

When it comes to updating an antiquated kitchen, think modern designs. Contemporary cabinets will almost always win out over outdated wooden ones. Double sinks are in serious demand, especially larger family units who make a ton of dishes. Kitchen countertops are a big thing now, with quartz being the best of the best, but granite also being a main contender. And if you want to go all out – you can’t go wrong with stainless steel appliances.   

If you can refurbish anything in your home, I would suggest it be the kitchen. Kitchens have the ability to completely renew your home’s atmosphere, so this is always going to be the perfect place to start.

  1. Bathroom

Ahhh the bathroom. Likely the most utilised room in the house, is often considered one of the most important to remodel before selling. Bathrooms can be notoriously difficult to maintain as over time they have a tendency to suffer through trapped moisture and constant wear and tear. However, outside of the kitchen, refurbishing your bathroom is arguably going to be the best investment you can make. The majority of buyers coming through your home will either be completely turned off, or seriously smitten with the property depending on the state of your bathroom. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to install a golden claw-footed renaissance bathtub, something as simple as updating your lighting can have a major impact on the look and feel of a space. Ensuring your bathroom is beautifully lit will go a long way in how it’s received.

If you want to put in some extra work, consider updating your bathroom tiles to a neutral colour for a timeless feel, and if you do want to get that clawfoot tub after all then go for your life! Just try to avoid the cringe-worthy shades of mint green and salmon that were so popular back in the 70’s. They might be your favourite colours, but they are a lot harder to sell. Neutral is always going to be the winner here.  

  1. Smart Tech

This is a fun one. Smart technology has come an unbelievably long way since it was first put on the market. I mean nowadays people are practically having conversations with their air conditioners and getting their fridges to write up virtual shopping lists. The future is here, people, and it’s glorious. You can incorporate smart tech into just about any area of the home if you so desire – your oven, security system, lighting, temperature control, the list goes on. If you want to techno-fy it, chances are you can.

However, if you are considering updating your home with smart technology to boost its value, you’ll need to consider the timing of doing so. Are you planning on selling your home within the year? Great, go nuts and get everything from floor to ceiling fitted out with crazy technological wonders that will make any buyer swoon with excitement. If you’re not planning on selling for another few years, or maybe five, then I’d hold off. Technology is advancing so rapidly in this day and age that if you install something now, by the time you put your house on the market in another 5 years, the technology will likely be outdated by then.

  1. Energy Efficiency

When we talk about modernising a home, one of the key elements that go into taking design features to the next level is by adding or improving the property’s energy efficiency standards. As society has developed a greater respect for the importance of being environmentally friendly,  energy efficient homes have become highly attractive to buyers and have dramatically increased in demand.

There are some very high costs associated implementing energy efficient elements to a home so it’s a good idea to be selective on what you invest your money in depending on how long you plan on staying. For instance, solar panels can be incredibly expensive to install, and are not likely to bring you a great return on investment if you plan on selling your home right away. However, if you’re thinking of putting your home on the market much further down the track then they will likely end up saving you money in the long run – and are a very attractive feature for potential buyers.

If you want to do something a little less costly, consider updating your current windows. As a home ages, windows often tend to deteriorate and let in air. Energy efficient homes will frequently showcase modern windows that help to stabilise indoor temperatures through added insulation. It’s a very cost-effective way to keep your energy bills down and will add extra to the value of your home.   

  1. Outdoors

Let’s not get too insular when thinking about areas worth refurbishing. The interior is important of course, but to a great deal of potential buyers, an attractive and inviting outdoor setting can be the deciding factor on whether or not they fall head over heels for your place. Unless you’re aiming to appeal to an indoor hermit, charming patios and attractive back porches are held in very high regard for those wanting to relax outdoors with the family or host parties and gatherings… but even an indoor hermit can appreciate fresh air in an appealing outdoor setting.

If your home already has an attractive outdoor area, updating any outdated features and sprucing up the current look and feel will go a long way to increasing your home’s value. Although landscaping may not be a necessary feature to invest in, ensuring that your garden looks as nice as some English cottage from Pride and Prejudice won’t go astray. Do some gardening, add some small ornamental trees, and give the shed a clean up with a new lick of paint and you’re good to go. It may also be worth looking into upgrading any outdoor furniture that might be looking a little worse for wear. Although you won’t be selling it with the house, it really adds to the overall atmosphere and will help your buyers envisage themselves living it up on that sexy new outdoor lounge.  

By focusing on these five areas, you are almost guaranteed to increase the value of your property and will probably need to install a smart tech security system just to keep people out. This will just boost its value even more though, so it’s really a win-win situation for you at this point. Happy refurbishing!

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