Those looking to build a new home or purchase a house and land package from a volume building company can easily fall victim to poor workmanship and hidden defects. It is a real tragedy when you come into contact with a family who have put their money into a home only to find out later that the slab is broken and that they have to rebuild the property. This is just one of the ways in which these cut-cost builders compromise the quality of their service.

The financial stress placed upon these unlucky buyers is hard to witness and further illustrates the importance of having a team of professionals conduct a thorough building inspection at each stage of the construction process, or before pre-purchase of a house and land package. This will save you from the potential nightmare of having to rebuild a whole new property in the future due to a massive defect created by the building company.

The problem of the volume builder

The standard promise of major volume building companies is that they can give you your dream home for a fraction of the price. You see it everywhere: billboards, newspapers, home magazines; every day you are subjected to advertisements from these companies offering you the perfect home. However, the design and workmanship often fall short of this promise.

Due to the high number of homes being built at rapid rates by volume building companies, there is often a lot of pressure on the builders and staff to complete a project as quickly as possible. This can quite easily result in shoddy workmanship, and homeowners often find that after building a home or moving into a home built by volume builders that there are major defects to the property. This realisation comes too late, and by this stage, so-called guarantee periods can have passed and the onus is on the property owner to cough up for these defects, and cough up big.

Bulding Masters Inspections can help

It is troubling to see the disappointment, emotional turmoil, and financial loss people suffer as a result of the shoddy work done by volume builders and staff. This can be avoided. Building Masters Inspections not only provide defect inspections to complete homes from volume builders, but also for homes during each stage of their construction. They check every aspect of the builders work to ensure that they are not breaching the National Construction Code or compromising the quality of your investment, as this can be the worst thing for an investment.

If you are building a home or are interested in purchasing a home that has been built by a volume building company, it is a great idea to get in contact Building Masters Inspections so that they can conduct a thorough defect inspection for the property.

Call them on 1300 567 315 or fill out an enquiry form on their contact page and they will get back to you with all the information you require.