Don’t buy a house without a building inspection in Melbourne suburbs

 You know the problem.  It’s going to be your first home purchase –  an existing house.  You have settled on the basic features you want and the suburbs where you wish to settle.  After much research and attending many ‘Open House’ inspections and auctions, you are now starting to get a better idea of the real price range of houses being sold in the area – not what the real estate agents would like you to believe – and what you get for your money.  Having determined how much you can afford to pay for a mortgage; set an upper limit on price; and gained a pre-approval mortgage limit from your Bank or financier, you are now ready to get serious about buying a property.

After a few inspections, it is easy to become confused as to what features were in which houses.  Even if you started out keeping meticulous notes about each house you have visited, it is too easy to slacken off so recollections becomes increasingly blurry.  Houses today are increasingly becoming better presented and staged.  One can be easily misled by a fresh coat of paint, modern light fittings, and new carpets, colourful scatter cushions, prints and elegant accessories.  They are all designed to sell you on an image … of what you might create. The vendors all try to create an emotional tug to their property that can also blind prospective purchasers to the real condition and suitability of the property.

When you are about to take your first step on the property ladder you soon start to realise that you don’t know enough to recognize the true state of a property.  Get it wrong and you could be up for tens of thousands of dollars in remedial work.  No kidding! 

You might regard yourself as a bit of a handy-person – reasonably good with the hammer and saw.  But that does not equip you to tell if there could be dangerous asbestos fibres in the ceilings and walls; there are  drainage problems which could be affecting the foundations or causing dampness and rot ; whether the house may needs a complete rewiring – or even worse, there is evidence of termites or that an building extension or outbuilding does not comply with building regulations and may need to be demolished.  

If you are ‘time-poor’ – as most of us are these days, you simply should not run the risk of committing to buy a house without knowing whether it is fundamentally sound.

If you were considering buying a $30,000 used car, you would probably call in an expert – a mechanic or a motorist service organisation – to run their eye over the car before you committed.  So why, then, haven’t you brought in a retired builder with years of experience in home renovations to cast their eye over your short-list homes – where the average price might be 20 to 40 times greater than the $30,000 car?  No – it doesn’t make sense.

Do you know a good, retired builder who could provide you with objective feedback about a property or properties you are considering buying?   Someone who is available at short notice and not in any way tied up with the real estate agent or vendor?   Someone who can tell you what you need to know; clearly, succinctly and provide visual evidence of the problems they have identified.  That person should also be able to advise on the range of cost to make the repairs.

They are about but good ones are hard to find.  A good place to start (and finish) is Building Masters Inspections.

Building Masters Inspections is a group of proven, licensed builders who have retired from the demanding, stressful field of home renovations to channel their experience to help prospective house and commercial building buyers make sound purchases.  After years of successful and successive building renovations, they know the traps and recognize tell-tale signs.  They don’t need to pull a building apart or pore over plans.  A visual building inspection shows up most of the likely problems.  Looking at the switchboard tells them  much.  Fresh paint over a wall might be disguising rising damp.  The sound of a tap on the walls here and there tells them much. Termites?  They can quickly spot drainage and foundation problems – but can you?   Don’t let an a real estate agent tell you the squeaks in the floors are not a problem – your Building Masters Inspector is the one to trust.

Give Mike Heathcote a call on 1300 780 931.  Mike leads a small team of top building inspectors who are strategically located around Melbourne to promptly carry out building inspections prior to auction or sale.  His inspectors photograph all reported faults and welcome a face-to-face or phone discussion immediately following their building inspection.  You know will where you stand, the likely repair costs and be better equipped to confidently decide whether to proceed with the purchase, seek a lower price or walk away altogether.  More information about Building Masters Inspections can be obtain be obtained via their website

For all building and pest inspections of any property in the Melbourne Metropolitan area, Mornington Peninsula and Geelong, Building Masters Inspections are but a phone call away.  1300 780 931.

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