Two questions we hear all too often: “Aren’t Building Inspection Reports all pretty much the same” and  “shouldn’t I just get the inspector offering the lowest price?”

The answer to both questions is definitely not! Some building inspectors are true professionals and a home buyer’s best friend. These inspectors will protect you from making an expensive mistake by uncovering hidden building faults and they can also provide a costing of the repair work the property requires as part of the report, which can help you negotiate a lower purchase price. Many inexperienced so-called inspectors do not have these skills and produce reports which are close to useless. Building inspection services in Melbourne are a dime a dozen, but great building inspectors are few and far between.

Here are the ‘must haves’ when choosing a Building Inspector:

  • Check they have all the right Registered Building Practitioner qualifications
  • Make sure they have extensive practical experience (there is no such thing as a good young inspector)
  • Ask if they are qualified in costing building repairs and can provide the repair costs of the reported building defects
  • Request an example of their report and check if it is written in clear, unambiguous language with a large number of photos and make sure that it’s easy to understand
  • Make sure the bulk of this example report deals specifically with the property and is not otherwise full of standardised clauses and legal disclaimer wording
  • Ask if the inspector will meet with you after the inspection for a private discussion about the property

Then search for other equally qualified inspectors and get some quotes. Be aware that architects often charge high fees and inexperienced inspectors charge low fees; the right professional inspector will charge a fee somewhere in the middle.

Some Golden Rules:

  • Do not choose an unregistered Building Inspector with a low price as their report will most likely be a waste of time and money.
  • Always choose a Registered Builder when you want Building Condition advice and choose an Architect when you want design advice.
  • Watch out for dodgy advertising claims like the so-called Inspection Guarantee “we will fix it if we miss it” – these claims are most often bogus and may not be worth the paper they’re written on.

if in doubt, you can always ask the Building Commission if you are not sure – 1300 815 127

Building inspection reports in Melbourne are becoming a popular choice for prospective home buyers and for commercial business opportunities. These reports are fundamental in the identification and assessment of home defects, but without the opportunity to ask questions and have a professional take you through the fine details, they can be daunting to say the least. This is why it’s so important to get yourself a qualified building inspector with the years of experience necessary to pick up on the easy to miss defects that many inspectors miss entirely.

Throughout Melbourne, new home building inspections can often fail to meet the high standards to defect assessment essential for a quality outcome. So if you’re searching for property and looking for an independent, experienced, and client-centered inspector that will bring  you the best possible outcome, give Building Masters Inspections a call or fill out our online inquiry form.

Thanks for reading and happy house hunting,