It can be close to impossible to get the full story from the real estate agent when it comes time to inspect a property for purchase. People go to great lengths to make homes appear as faultless as they possibly can. A new lick of paint, some fancy furniture, and a well manicured front lawn is often all it takes to hide away those dirty little secrets that could spell catastrophe for any unsuspecting home buyer keen to seal the deal.

All manner of ethics generally go out the (unsealed) window when it comes to selling property  because complete honesty might just mean the difference between making a tidy profit, or losing out on thousands of dollars. So in other words, deception should be expected… and this is where we come in.

So whether you’re considering a building inspection or you’ve just been lucky enough to have one of our highly qualified and marvelously professional Building Masters inspectors examine a property and have just received your Defect Report, we want you to get the most out of it. That’s why I decided to put together a useful guide on How to Use Your Building Masters Defect Report so you can get the most out of our service.

The inspection has be completed, what happens now?

1. Use the report to help you decide if you wish to purchase the property

At this stage you’re now armed with a great deal of incredibly useful information about the property of interest. The building defect report will outline faults and defects found throughout the inspection and describe in simple terms the importance of the issues that have been detected and advice on any problems at hand. The inspector will estimate the approximate cost to repair any damages or defects that were discovered, in addition to discussing improvement opportunities which can be taken advantage of.

With this information you will then be able to determine:

  • How well the building presents for its type and age
  • Whether there are any extensive defects and if they will be expensive to repair
  • Whether there are any issues that have been concealed and are likely to present themselves in the near future
  • Exactly how much money you can expect to pay to rectify any defects and how that’s likely to impact the overall cost of the property

With these in mind, you can now decide if you want to proceed with buying the property or not. Sometimes it might not be worth the trouble, but on certain occasions you might now have to decide whether or not to…

2. Walk away, or use the building defects to your advantage

Now that you know the true condition of the property, you can now decide whether you’ve changed your mind completely and it’s time to say goodbye, or whether you want to proceed, but only at a lower price.

If you are still interested in the property then you’re now in the perfect position to negotiate. Since the report will outline the full amount it would cost to rectify any damages or potential issues likely to occur, you’re now equipped with some serious leverage to help you propose a decrease in the asking price.

This might sound a little intimidating to some people who aren’t entirely comfortable with the often ruthless nature of the property buying business. Something that we here at Building Masters Inspections know all too well about. This is why we also provide you with the opportunity to negotiate on your behalf.

3. Let us help you save thousands with our No Pain – Only Gain Property Negotiation Service!

If it so happens that the house in question does indeed have some issues, but you just can’t say no, then it might be time that you get us back on board. Choosing to use the Building Masters Inspections Negotiating Service will take all the hard work out of securing you a better deal on the prospective property. And the best part . . . if we don’t secure you a better deal, there’s no charge!

No need to worry about arguing back and forth with your real estate agent, not knowing what information to use to your advantage or the best time to seal the deal. Simply appoint us to negotiate for you and one of our highly qualified and professional staff will take over all the responsibility. This way, you can be 100% confident moving forward with your decision because here at Building Masters Inspections we have the outstanding confidence, determination and  experience necessary to get the absolute best results possible.

4. Finish by using the building report to plan and budget for necessary expenses

Once you’ve bought your new property – at a significantly reduced price! – you can now get started on planning the repairs. This is where the itemised list of building faults and photos in the defect report will help you to determine who you’ll need to do the repairs, and how much you can expect to budget for the work that needs to be done. Then after the property is all fixed up, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve got yourself a fully functioning, defect-free home that should give you no cause for concern.

This is the last step of our Building Masters Defect Report guide, and is the best step of all because this is where you get your absolute peace of mind, and who wouldn’t want that?