property and building adviceI am pleased to welcome Mr Constantine, who likes to be known simply as “Con”; our soon-to-be regular columnist and a man I am certain most of you will have heard spoken of at dinner parties and in courtrooms throughout the land as Con Constantine is the well-known, certainly colourful and clearly undisputed leader of the housing industry in this state.

To give you a little background – two of the biggest players in the housing industry are UltraCon Constructions Pty Ltd and Shark Invested Waters Inc.

UltraCon is owned and operated by Con himself while Shark Infested Waters is owned and operated by Con’s estranged brother, George.

Con’s claim to fame with UltraCon homes is partly due to his offer of a one-stop-home buying service, meaning he has total control over you and your project. George, on the other hand, is better known for his side business, Disrespectful Homes which hands all aspects of the build to sub-contractors and tradies he has more often than not – never met.

Con and his family have been in the housing industry for many decades and have created an empire to cater for every possible building, renovating or real estate requirement. To help you navigate your own experience when building or buying a home, Con’s new Column is going to take you on a journey through the housing industry highlighting his UltraCon Constructions and all its unbelievable subsidiaries.

There are many companies under the UltraCon umbrella including UltraSwift Sales, DriveBy Surveying, Terrific Tradies, Unreal Real Estate and to make sure any legal issues which may arise never go to Court – Con owns the But-You-Never-Said Lawyers and We-Weren’t-There Property Conveyancing Group.

Con can also assist you with obtaining finance for your dream home by putting you in touch with his Inflexible Home Mortgage company for a no-fuss, no-strings-attached, no-doc home loan.

Con ensures his work is carried out with con-fidence and without delay, so he can move on to his next client – swiftly.
Con’s Unreal Real Estate Group can assist you with real estate purchases, rentals and sales. He even guarantees that your outcomes will be truly un-real and without delays, so all parties can move on – swiftly.

Con is here, there and everywhere. In fact, his ability to dominate the housing industry is so remarkable that it’s unreal. When he is not building dream homes – Con escapes to his ponderosa on the Gold Coast where he guarantees you will not be able to contact him.

We hope you enjoy this series of articles and find them helpful when you, your family and friends decide never to do business with UltraCon Constructions – or any of its subsidiaries.