A lot of people might snicker at the thought of giving their home a Feng Shui makeover. “I’m not into all that airy-fairy pseudo-scientific nonsense!”, I hear you vehemently yelling at your phone or computer screen.

Before you have a conniption, let’s just get Zen for a minute.

Despite what you might think, the principles of Feng Shui are essentially founded on the idea that a harmonious environment results in a harmonious state of mind. Which, when you put it like that, seems pretty common sensical, and now I bet you’re wondering why it’s taken you so long to get on board the Feng Shui train.

You know that feeling that sneaks up on you every once in a while when you’re starting to feel like you need a change? When you’re at home things might feel a bit stagnant, you’re running low on energy, or the very air you breathe just feels kind of… old? This is the point where you might feel as though a Spring clean is in order. However, rather than just throwing out those old sneakers and musty beach towels, why not Feng Shui the heck out your home, then sit back and relish in that glorious energy hit and rejuvenation of mental clarity. What more could you want?

Let us begin…

1. Time to De-clutter

We all know that deeply satisfying feeling of having a neat and tidy home, right? Well, in Feng Shui the art of de-cluttering is one of the most transformative things you could possibly do to establish a sense of serenity and order. If you’re starting to feel as though it’s time for a change, getting rid of unnecessary clutter will help to renew your state of mind and refresh your environment.

2. Colour is Key

Keeping colour in mind is very important as it has a huge impact on our psychological state of mind. Even if you can’t immediately recognise an emotional change from looking at a green wall to looking at a red wall, your subconscious will pick up on it nonetheless.

Feng Shui proposes that for a peaceful and inviting atmosphere, you’ll want to go for neutral and subtle colour tones such as light blues and greys, as well as warm colours such as creams, tans, and soothing pinks.

3. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

When it comes to mirrors in the bedroom, Feng Shui says, “no way!”. Mirrors are thought to reflect energy, which can cause unrest and an inability to relax. The thought is that this energy disruption is then going to make it a lot harder to sleep and rest well.

So, either keep your mirrors outside the bedroom or if you just can’t live without looking at your beautiful face, try mounting it on the inside of your wardrobe door instead.

4. Think Symmetry

Would you like an extra serve of peace and harmony in your home? Then think symmetry. Humans are naturally drawn to symmetry, which would ultimately suggest that incorporating that balance within our domestic environments would have a beneficial impact on our well

Feng Shui suggests that this is best done through the use of pairing up with identical decorations. Get the matching bedside tables and two of the same lamps for instance. This will stabilise the energy within the room and pump up the equilibrium.

5. Scented Candles for the Win!

Now don’t scoff. We all know that everyone loves a good scented candle. Lime and coconut, French pear & vanilla, forest breeze, toasted cinnamon and ginger shortbread cookies… the flavours are just about good enough to bathe in.

Feng Shui considers scented candles to be the perfect form of bedtime lighting. Not only do they remove bad energy, but they also bring about a very peaceful atmosphere, restoring the good vibes at the end of a stressful day. Plus, they smell so darn good!

6. The Importance of Bed Orientation

You might not care where you put your bed, but Feng Shui cares… Feng Shui cares a lot. The principles of bed placement in Feng Shui are absolutely vital to maintaining good health, fruitful wealth, and a killer love life. Would you like all these things? Yes, that was a trick question. Well according to Feng Shui here are the rules:

Situate your bed at the furthest point in the room from the doorway
Ensure that the end of the bed is facing the door but not in line with it
The bed should be a natural material – wood is likely best
A good solid headboard will provide support
It should also be at an adequate height to allow for the free flow of energy underneath

7. Never Underestimate the Power of Bedding

Raise your hand if you like sleep! You did, didn’t you? Feng Shui understands. In fact, it claims that one of the absolute best things you can do to ensure a peaceful ambience in your bedroom and have the best possible sleep is to choose pure and natural bedding.

Materials such as linen, cotton, or bamboo are the perfect choice to enhance the tranquillity and restful nature of your bedroom environment. It might seem like a bit of a financial stretch, but when you realise that you spend an entire third of your life sleeping… it might seem like more of a worthy investment.

8. Don’t Air Your Dirty Laundry

Are you the kind of person who throws your dirty clothes on the floor at the end of each day? Then listen up, this one’s for you. As your dirty clothing piles up around you, the atmosphere of your room will begin to stagnate as energy will cease to flow naturally. Keep your dirty laundry in a hamper and preferably out of your room. Out of sight, out of mind. Even Feng Shui knows that trick.

9. Use Rugs to Suck up Bad Energy

How do you go about getting rid of negative energy at the end of each day? I’m so glad you asked because I have just the thing. In Feng Shui, it’s recommended that a rug is placed alongside your bed to absorb your energy before you hop in and try to rest away the troubles of a long, hard day.

10. Artwork is the new TV

Technology in the bedroom is a big “no, no” when it comes to Feng Shui. So any phone, laptop, or giant LCD TV is going to need a new home. The idea behind this being that technology creates an overabundance of conflicting energy, which can cause a lot of stress to the human biosphere.

So instead it’s best to replace these energy scatterers with beautiful artwork and books.
Well, there you have it. Let me guess, you’re now wondering why you didn’t start your love affair with Feng Shui sooner, am I right? I thought as much.

So my friends, go now and enjoy your wonderfully peaceful and energetically serene bliss!