What makes a building inspection first-rate?

At Building Master Inspections, we pride ourselves on our impeccable reputation for providing an independent and quality Building Inspection service to our clients.

In a largely unregulated industry – we also pride ourselves as being registered Builders and registered as Building Inspectors with the Building Commission

Many Building Inspection companies work in collusion with Real Estate Agents and Conveyancers ensuring Win/Win outcomes for both parties with the client often denied knowledge of the true condition of the property they have chosen to buy.

At Building Masters Inspections – the outcome is often Win/Lose – Win for our clients and Lose for the Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents – in anticipation of their commission on the sale – eulogize properties and often encourage their clients to use their recommended Building Inspectors ensuring the proposed property gets the tick of approval.

Building Masters Inspections is often a red rag to a Real Estate Agent

This is because deep down they know we give an accurate assessment of the property and a costing of the repairs – in many cases saving our clients money they don’t have and the anguish of discovering their dream home is anything but that. Win/Lose!

We like the Win/Lose scenario because…

…we know we have acted in our clients’ best interests. The Building Inspection Report remains the intellectual property of the client and is not up for sale as is the case with many Building Inspection companies.

There is actually no question – bring on Win/Lose!!!!!!