Worst home of the year award

After much deliberation, our panel of judges have named the winner of the 2018 Worst House of the Year Award. The vote was 2 – 1, with Mike Heathcote and Rod Whitburn confident that the award couldn’t go to a more deserving property and Con Constantine adamant that there was nothing wrong with the house what-so-ever.

Our client loved the ambience, the vibe and was close to parting with nearly $400,000 for an asbestos box infested with termites. It just goes to show the importance of conducting a building inspection before you even consider purchasing a house.

It might be hard to believe that the house is even on the market with a report like that but unfortunately,  we live in an age where this type of thing is all too common.

What concerns us most is that when the majority of people in the community want guidance on buying a house, they go and see a real estate agent and fail to take into account that an Agent’s primary objective is to sell a vendor’s house.

The Defects

Termite Infestation

Evidence of past and/or present termite activity was observed in numerous exposed timber members of the house exterior and interior; evidence of nesting was observed; it is likely much of the covered house frame has been damaged by termite activity

Causing more damage to Australian homes than fire, floods and storms combined, termites are rightly feared by homeowners.


Exterior wall lining sheet material is assumed to contain a form of asbestos; verification sample lab testing is strongly advised; asbestos is considered dangerous to occupants of property as exposed side of asbestos sheet within wall void space is abraded by dust and breeze, resulting in airborne asbestos particles being capable of entering the property interior through air vents, cracks and gaps, etc; it is recommended that all asbestos products, materials and contaminated materials are removed from the premises and a vacuum clean-up of affected areas is undertaken by a licensed asbestos contractor

“Asbestos is most hazardous when it is friable. This is when the asbestos material is easily crumbled by hand and releasing fibers into the air. For example, sprayed on asbestos insulation is highly friable, whereas asbestos floor tiling is still a risk but less friable.”

The Verdict

The house is considered to be unhealthy/unsafe to occupy. Demolition by a licensed asbestos removal contractor is required