Like most things these days, when we need a professional service or product we turn first to the internet. As a near infinite depository of information, you’ll always have access to a comprehensive list of reliable businesses from which to choose from. However, how are you supposed to know when a business is reliable or not? Just because they have a flashy looking website, compelling content and appear on the first page of your search engine, doesn’t always guarantee the integrity and professionalism of their service.

When it comes to building inspectors, as this is an unregulated profession, you will find that many ‘inspectors’ are unregistered and incompetent. This undoubtedly makes choosing the right business challenging, but not impossible. If you’re having difficulties choosing from all the service providers available online, then there are a few things you can keep an eye out for to make sure your inspector isn’t dodgy.

They call it cheap and nasty for a reason

If you’re only basing your decision on which service is cheapest, then you might as well not get an inspection done at all. Most of the cheaper services are priced so low because they can’t get business any other way. An unaware and prospective home buyer enlists their services, pays them, and doesn’t realise the report they’ve been given is unreliable at best, until they discover the defects for themselves.

Don’t get suckered in by the appealing price tag, you’ll only end up paying for it later. A mid to high priced inspector may cost you more initially, but you’ll inevitably save considerably more when they help you to negotiate a lower asking price for your dream home.

Does your inspector of choice let you tag along?

Services such as Building Masters Inspections will let their clients join them on the day of the inspection to give them a first-hand account of any defects they find. Not only will this allow you to ask any questions you might have and make the most of their expertise, it’s also an indication that they’re serious about their work, and a seasoned professional.

Worst case scenario

Many home buyers have found themselves trapped living in a defective home paying for problems that their inspection report failed to identify. This happens when the inspector is either too inexperienced, lazy, or simply doesn’t know what they’re doing. Don’t become trapped by your dream home. Enlist the help of an expert.