Busy people want relevant information at their finger-tips when making critical decisions – and they need it fast! Such is their need when purchasing a house.

Prospective home buyers are always under pressure. They never know whether the homes they are tracking are the best they will find that suit their needs. There’s always the prospect that their ideal home will be listed tomorrow. Much research has to be done in a short time. It is now that comprises start to be made and blind-spots appear.

One area where compromises are rarely entertained (unless you are a masochist) concerns taking chances about the underlying quality of your short-list homes. Most people quickly form a superficial view about the soundness of a house. Often, there is plenty that a layman sees but incorrectly interprets, dismisses or fails to appreciate the likely scale of the remedial cost. Warning signs abound for those with the skills to recognize them.

A pre-purchase house inspection should always be factored into the home purchase budget and pre-purchase timeline. A building inspection report can help steer you away from a ‘lemon’. Understand, however, that a building inspection report does not guarantee there are no hidden faults. The inspectors should identify most faults that do not involve the intrusion of internal panels or a complete inspection of all ceiling and under-floor voids.

What to look for in a Building Inspector

If a Building Inspector promises to cover the cost of fixing any defect they overlook, take a very close look at the fine print – or run a mile. No experienced building inspector would enter into such a commitment for the payment of a relatively low fee. You need to deal with a reputable group – licensed building inspectors; builders in their own right who have many years of experience buying, renovating and selling homes for a living.

You need a building inspector –

• who is good at their work and a good communicator
• who can quickly spot problem areas,
• who knows what it might cost to fix them, and
• how to fix them without paying through the nose. .

Above all, they must be ready to inspect your proposed house purchase at short notice.

Getting the most from you Building Inspection by Building Masters Inspections

One group of Victorian building inspection practitioners that meets all of the above qualifying criteria is Building Masters Inspections. These are top people in the building inspection field: people who can steer you from problem homes, independent and professional – without any vested interest in the assessments they provide.

Building Masters Inspections can usually undertake an inspection within a day or so of your call, subject to vendor agreement to the day and timing. They email their written reports with photos to you within 24 hours of their inspection – often on the same day.

To get greatest value from a Building Masters inspection, try to personally attend the inspection. Not only can the inspector point out the problem areas but it provides a golden opportunity for a question/answer review session – either onsite or nearby.

Book Pre-Purchase Building Inspections of houses on your short, ‘Short List’

If you are thinking of buying a property, book a pre-purchase building inspection though Building Masters Inspections. Phone to Building Masters Inspections on 1300 033 332 – NOW.

You will probably speak to Mike Heathcote – their senior inspector and coordinator. Mike is a top professional in this field. He can help you to decide on the scope of their building inspection, and will discuss cost and payment details. Building Masters Inspection inspect properties anywhere in Greater Melbourne including the Mornington and Bellarine Peninsulas and major provincial cities.