The Transformative Power of Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most incredible DIY home improvement expert of all?

Who me?!? Oh mirror, you flatter me so… *clears throat* Sorry I didn’t see you there. Well, now you’re here, let’s talk Home Improvement Hacks!

When used within an indoor space, mirrors can have a marvellously transformative effect.

They have the ability to perceptibly increase the size of a living space and give it an elegant and ethereal quality and brighten darker rooms – making it look as though you really know your stuff when it comes to interior design. Is your living room a little cramped? Find yourself a beautifully designed mirror and strategically place it on the wall to instantly open up a small space.

Or, if you’re keen to put your DIY hat on, our good friend Pinterest is just sitting around waiting for you check out the super aesthetically pleasing designs just waiting for you to make them. We’ll even put up a link for you right here so now you have just about zero excuses left.

do it yourself mirror

Have a browse and find your fave.

Selling Your Home? Colour is the Key

If you’re in the process of renovating your home to put up for sale, then you undoubtedly want to ensure that it’s looking not only immaculate, but highly attractive and alluring to any potential buyers that might be coming through your door. You’ve spruced, you’ve repaired and you’ve cleaned your little heart out, but have you considered your colour pallet? You might not think the colour you paint your interior to be that big a deal, but as it turns out, it really, really is.

colour swatches

You might be aware of the impact that particular colours can have on inducing certain moods, whether it be a calming effect or implicitly encouraging a boost in energy, but did you know that certain colours used in certain rooms actually affect how much a house can sell for?

No joke! Houses that adhere to this formula incredibly seem to sell for a higher price on average. Research has found that making the decision to paint, say, your bedroom or living room a specific colour will see you collecting a tidy profit that you may not have made otherwise. For instance, houses with a blue bathroom sell for almost $5,500 more than the original price. So…. I’d probably get that paint brush out if I were you.

Here’s a breakdown of the surprising money-making colour formula here.

Concrete Jungle to Urban Nursery

If you’re a city-dweller or just happen to appreciate a more cosy and compact lifestyle then there’s a good chance you live in an apartment with little to no garden or outdoor courtyard. If this is the case, then you may be desperate for some greenery to get you back to nature and heal your soul from the concrete overload of city or apartment block living.

plant terrarium ideas

So, for all of you poor nature-less darlings, we’ve got just the thing! Why not create your own indoor jungle?! Indoor plants are incredible things. Not only do they purify the very air you breathe and improve your health and well-being, you can create a stunning indoor jungle that will bring you that much needed nature hit and give your home a truly wholesome atmosphere.

Not to mention, plants make the best companions! A little quiet maybe, but they’re great listeners…

No idea where to start? Take a look at this neat little guide on the best houseplants to choose and how to care for them.

Is it a Book, or is it a Shelf? Introducing… the Book. Shelf.

Are there any bibliophiles in the house? Your house to be exact? Well, book lovers unite because we haven’t forgotten about you. Are you a little over your bookshelves, running out of book space, or simply just want a more creative way to showcase the loves of your life (the books that is)? This tip is a real beauty. Install yourself some invisible bookshelves! What the heck am I talking about you ask? This:

invisible bookshelves

Also known as floating or invisible bookshelves. They are extremely simple to install, give your home a very modern feel, and most importantly, give you the option of flaunting your exceptionally impressive book collection absolutely anywhere – and everywhere!

Of course this isn’t the only shelving design you could utilise. There are countless DIY bookshelf projects that you could bang together in a couple of hours if you were really motivated. You can anything from chic industrial piping to rustic converted pallets – the list is endless… almost as endless as your insatiable book-devouring appetite.  

Have we piqued your interest? Of course we have. Have a look through this Top 10 Unique DIY Bookshelf Projects guide where you will also find our favourite Invisible Bookshelf.

Wallpaper Fanatics Rejoice!

Here’s a neat little trick for all you creative types out there. If you’re keen on the decorative embellishments of wallpaper but can absolutely not be bothered dealing with the costs of professional installation or the nightmare of going it alone here’s a tip: why not create a wallpaper effect using paint rollers? Genius right? I know.

wall paper roller

So instead of having to endure just one boring old coat of paint or a one-on-one fight to the death trying to ensconce your whole home with wallpaper, go find yourself some patterned paint rollers and thank the housing gods that you read this article.

Etsy has literally hundreds of unique and creative designs that are bound to pique your interest and wet your wallpaper whistle.