Don’t underestimate the importance of a termite or insect inspection

After the interior and exterior of your potential home has been inspected, including the fencing, paths and driveways, garage, plumbing, steps, roof, walls and everything in between, there is one very important factor that cannot be overlooked: whether the internal structure of your home has been affected by termites and other pests.

Termites and similar insects nest in old, rotten, or damaged wood, which means that the foundations of your potential property are already under serious threat. As termites avoid open air and lights by nature, it is almost impossible for anyone to visually identify a termite infestation simply by looking at the outside surface of a wall. Only after careful and precise assessments, can anyone determine whether your building has been damaged by termites, insects, vermin or any other pests.

Purchase peace of mind when it comes to a pest inspection in Melbourne

Pests such as termites can cause serious structural issues that may end up costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix. Even the termite eradication process can be costly as it requires some sort of chemical inoculation. This is why a pre-purchase inspection by Building Masters Inspections is essential for your property.

A pest inspection is money well-spent. Not only do we look for termites and white ants, but we also look for all wood-destroying insects, such as ants, beetles, bugs, and even fungus.

Building Masters Inspections will not only alert you of a termite infestation, but we will also offer solutions to help destroy the nest and prevent it from happening again. Don’t risk it – find out who else shares your property and call Building Masters Inspections on 1300 033 332 for an expert building and pest inspection. We won’t leave any stone unturned or any plank of wood ignored.