Don’t buy a home without one

The purchase of a home is a challenging process for most people. One can easily become enchanted by the layout and presentation of a home with the heart over-ruling the head.

Buying a property is the most important single investment decision most families will ever make. When buying a property, good decisions require:

  • clear thinking;
  • a good understanding of the property buying process;
  • close observation and interpretation of the house detail as well as the larger picture;
  • the ability to see the building shell for what it is and might become;
  • knowledge of comparative property prices and auction clearance rates in the locality, and
  • good negotiation skills.

Add to this list the finance required, debt servicing capability and sourcing the most appropriate form of finance at lowest cost and it is easy to see why many people find the process daunting.

Astute buyers understand when to call upon expert help. For first-time and hesitant purchasers, buyers advocates can often provide invaluable advice and assistance when determining property values and can often negotiate and bid at auction on behalf of the client. Architects can provide guidance on what might be done with the building, but often do not have the practical knowledge of effective solutions and work required.

While all the above steps and others too, are all very important, the primary question remains whether you should make an offer at all?

You need to know that the building is safe (including free of asbestos), is structurally sound, compliant with all planning and building regulations, and free of insect pests, rot and accelerating deterioration. Some of these items might be picked up by the layperson. However, the report of an experienced building inspector can remove many of the unknowns about a house and help you decide whether to proceed with the purchase.

Building Masters Inspections has a team of experienced building inspectors serving Melbourne and suburbs. All our building inspectors are registered building practitioners with many years of hands-on-experience and further training in building inspection defect reporting and protocols. They know how to quickly identify properly-built homes and recognise indicators of building defects and potential problems.

Some renovations require a planning permit; some just require Council approval while all works must comply with Building Regulations. Failure to comply could result in considerable outlays to achieve compliance, even the inability to insure the property. Large, costly problems might justify either not proceeding with a purchase or renegotiating a lower price. Prior consultation with your solicitor could help decide the best way to proceed in the event of material adverse findings in the property inspection report, and how provision for such remedy should be included in a contract of sale.

Visit Building Masters Melbourne website at or phone 1300 033 332. to book an appointment with a Building Masters building inspector – someone who can look beyond the obvious of a property and professionally report and advise of potential problems, remedial options and strategies, estimated costs and recommended priorities.