The Trap Faced by First Home Buyers and How to Avoid It

Buying your first home can be a nerve-racking mix of high hopes and utter trepidation. It’s a huge investment and a significant milestone, so it’s a given that you’ll be experiencing a whole range of emotions. Among all the excitement, you may not realise how heavily the real estate system is stacked against you: there’s much more to it than [...]

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Fitting a quality building inspection within your budget

Booking a pre-purchase building inspection is a no-brainer and anyone would say that they want to choose a professional that they can trust. That said, you’re likely to encounter varying rates between providers after a quick Google search and a few phone calls, and it can be hard to know what the difference is between them all. While there can [...]

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Not All Building Inspectors Are The Same – What to Look Out For

Like most things these days, when we need a professional service or product we turn first to the internet. As a near infinite depository of information, you’ll always have access to a comprehensive list of reliable businesses from which to choose from. However, how are you supposed to know when a business is reliable or not? Just because they have [...]

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Why Investing in a Building Inspection Could Save You a Lot of Money

 It’s understandable that when you’re purchasing a new property, you want to limit the expenses as much as possible. You’re already paying for costs such as stamp duty, legal fees, surveyors and other possible services and this amount is not even factoring in the deposit you’ve just paid for your home loan. It is because of this that many home [...]

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Why A Building Inspector is the Only Professional on the Side of the Home Buyer

Buying a new house is a daunting prospect at the best of times, especially if it’s your very first property. Many young couples for example, tend to feel that the entire home buying process is stacked against them – which it is. Every professional involved in the process, from lawyers to conveyancers, buyers to vendors and real estate agents, are [...]

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Don’t buy a house without a building inspection in Melbourne suburbs

 You know the problem.  It's going to be your first home purchase -  an existing house.  You have settled on the basic features you want and the suburbs where you wish to settle.  After much research and attending many 'Open House' inspections and auctions, you are now starting to get a better idea of the real price range of houses [...]

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A Pre-Purchase House Inspection could SAVE Thousands of Dollars

  Busy people want relevant information at their finger-tips when making critical decisions – and they need it fast! Such is their need when purchasing a house. Prospective home buyers are always under pressure. They never know whether the homes they are tracking are the best they will find that suit their needs. There’s always the prospect that their ideal [...]

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Pre-Purchase Building Defect Inspection Melbourne

Don’t buy a home without one The purchase of a home is a challenging process for most people. One can easily become enchanted by the layout and presentation of a home with the heart over-ruling the head. Buying a property is the most important single investment decision most families will ever make. When buying a property, good decisions require: clear [...]

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